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FBI: Violent crimes Jump Nationwide Compared with the Previous Year’s Statistics

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Washington DC, For the first time in four years, the estimated number of violent crimes in the nation increased when compared with the previous year’s statistics, according to FBI figures released today. In 2020, violent crime was up 5.6 percent from the 2019 number. Property crimes dropped 7.8 percent, marking the 18th consecutive year the collective estimates for these offenses declined.

The 2020 statistics show the estimated rate of violent crime was 387.8 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants, and the estimated rate of property crime was 1,958.2 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants. The violent crime rate rose 5.2 percent when compared with the 2019 rate; the property crime rate declined 8.1 percent.

These and additional data are presented in the 2020 edition of the FBI’s annual report Crime in the United States. This report is available as downloadable spreadsheets and topic pages about offenses, arrests, and police employee data reported by law enforcement agencies voluntarily participating in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.

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Sexually Harassment Runs Rampant in the Murphy Administration

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Trenton NJ, seems sexually harassment along with criminal convictions is the norm in the Murphy Administration . As we previously reported Katie Brennan has filed a tort claim against the State of New Jersey, the Murphy for Governor campaign, and former Murphy administration official Al Alvarez, whom she has accused of rape. Brennan is seeking damages and an emergent application to change state policies and procedures regarding workplace investigations. Brennan’s attorney Katy McClure said ‘Ms. Brennan is pursuing justice through this lawsuit because I couldn’t get it any other way. She pursued every avenue she could, but waved every red flag she could access, and she was ignored’. The Legislative Select Oversight Committee will continue its hearings this morning at 10:30am, with testimony resuming for Chief of Staff Pete Cammarano and others.

Politico NJ now reports that NJEDA Vice President of Policy and Planning Allison Kopicki has resigned, saying she faced retaliation from members of the administration after speaking to the press regarding claims of a hostile work environment within the Murphy campaign and an incident in which Joe Kelley allegedly threw a chair at Julia Fahl.
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Katie Brennan Claim alleges the state, Governor Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, acted negligently and with reckless indifference

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Trenton NJ, A state government employee Katie Brennan who says her allegations that she was sexually assaulted by a campaign staffer to Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy were ignored or downplayed has filed a notice of intent to sue New Jersey for damages.

An attorney for Katie Brennan filed the notice of tort claim last week.The notice alleges the state, including Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, acted negligently and with reckless indifference when it hired Albert Alvarez.Brennan says Alvarez sexually assaulted her in 2017 during Murphy’s gubernatorial campaign and that she told several officials in Murphy’s administration.
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Kathleen Willey Thanks Donald Trump for Highlighting Bill Clinton’s History with Women, Urges More Victims to Come Forward

Kathleen Willey

by BREITBART NEWS10 Jan 20162,204

Kathleen Willey, one of the women who famouslyaccused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, and has said she suffered acts of intimidation to silence her, used a radio interview on Sunday to broadcast a message to other possible female victims of Bill Clinton.

Stated Willey:

I would just like to encourage any woman who has suffered at the hands of Bill Clinton to please try to find the courage and bravery to come forth. Because it’s okay now. Nobody can hurt you now. It’s as simple as that.

Nobody can touch you now. The word is out. You will be okay but you will be doing the right thing for all the right reasons and you will be helping your fellow sisters.

Speaking on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” the popular Sunday talk radio program, Willey demanded that Hillary Clinton submit to a lie detector test to answer questions about whether she engaged in campaigns to silence or intimidate her husband’s female accusers. Klein doubles as Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief.

Willey also telegraphed a message of encouragement for Donald Trump, who helped to skyrocket the issue of Clinton’s sex accusers to front-page status when the GOP frontrunner complained about the former president’s “terrible record of women abuse.” Trump was responding to Hillary’s claim that the billionaire exhibited a “penchant for sexism.”

“If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women’s card on me, she’s wrong!” tweeted Trump.

Willey chimed in: “Thank you very much, Mr. Trump, for asking the right question at the right time. And please keep asking more.”

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The ‘Refugee’ Flood And The Rape Of Europe

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01/06/2016 06:40 PM ET

Borders: The savage behavior of “migrant” revelers on New Year’s Eve in Germany should remind Europe that borders matter. But decades of political correctness and moral relativism have brainwashed a generation.

The mostly Muslim migrants from North Africa and the Mideast who have swarmed Europe over the past year have strained welfare resources and frayed social ties in nations such as Greece, Hungary, Italy, Germany and France.

The challenge faced by Europe in integrating the masses of newcomers was underscored in Cologne, Germany, last weekend. There, more than 1,000 newly arrived men committed some 90 serious crimes, including assault, rape and robbery, near the city’s train station and right next to its landmark cathedral.

The outrageous criminality has finally set off angry debate across the EU over leaders’ failure to protect citizens from those who come from nations that do not share Western values, morals and codes of behavior.

Liberal notions of seamlessly integrating hordes of immigrants into an advanced, post-industrial society have been shown to be naive and dangerous.

The Eurocrats and leftists who govern the European Union are starting to panic. “We’re willing to do more than anyone else,” said Swedish Migration Minister Morgan Johansson. “But even we have our limits.”

A lot of countries, it seems, are reaching their limits. Hungary has erected border fences to keep migrants out. Sweden and Denmark are fortifying their borders, setting up checkpoints to catch troublemakers. The New York Times cites growing “fears that terrorists are seeking to enter Europe masquerading as refugees.”

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Camille Paglia: How Bill Clinton is like Bill Cosby

Bill Clinton

TUESDAY, JUL 28, 2015 06:00 AM EDT

In exclusive Salon interview, the cultural critic finds parallels between Cosby and Clinton, takes down modern p.c.


Over the next two days, she’ll hold forth on the GOP presidential field in devastating ways, and offer surprising thoughts on how she thinks Clinton vs Sanders will end. We start today with thoughts on Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, campus political correctness and modern feminism.

The banner on the Drudge Report this morning is that Kathleen Willey is starting a site to collect harassment claims against Bill Clinton. New York magazine, meanwhile, has the stories of 35 women who say they were raped or assaulted by Bill Cosby. I wonder if you see a connection between the two stories: Would Bill Clinton’s exploits be viewed more like Cosby’s if he was in the White House now, instead of in the 1990s?

Right from the start, when the Bill Cosby scandal surfaced, I knew it was not going to bode well for Hillary’s campaign, because young women today have a much lower threshold for tolerance of these matters. The horrible truth is that the feminist establishment in the U.S., led by Gloria Steinem, did in fact apply a double standard to Bill Clinton’s behavior because he was a Democrat. The Democratic president and administration supported abortion rights, and therefore it didn’t matter what his personal behavior was.

But we’re living in a different time right now, and young women have absolutely no memory of Bill Clinton. It’s like ancient history for them; there’s no reservoir of accumulated good will. And the actual facts of the matter are that Bill Clinton was a serial abuser of working-class women–he had exploited that power differential even in Arkansas.  And then in the case of Monica Lewinsky–I mean, the failure on the part of Gloria Steinem and company to protect her was an absolute disgrace in feminist history! What bigger power differential could there be than between the president of the United States and this poor innocent girl? Not only an intern but clearly a girl who had a kind.