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Maura DeNicola will seek Reelection as Bergen County Freeholder in November 2016.

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January 17,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, At County Committee Meeting Maura McMahon DeNicola announced her intention to run for reelection as Bergen County Freeholder in November 2016. Maura is the last one standing and ready to take on new challenges .

Maura said , “It’s hard to believe it’s already time to be a part of this great political process once again! “

For those that have not had the pleasure of meeting Maura has long list of local leadership positions :
Bergen County Freeholder
Trustee Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Mayor of Franklin Lakes
Councilwoman Franklin Lakes
Member Board of Trustees Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Former Member Board of Trustees Don Bosco Prep
Former Member Franklin Lakes Board of Education
Member Franklin Lakes Planning Board
Member Bergen County Mayors Association and Northwest Bergen Mayors Association

Maura’s was educated at Boston College, B.A., graduated magna cum laude and recieved and M.A. from Columbia University.

Maura has been Married to Philip, 29 years with 4 children,Philip, Graduate U.S. Naval Academy, Lieutenant U.S. Navy
Paul, Graduate Leonard N. Stern School of Business at the New York University,Conor, Automotive Mechanic
Lucia, Freshman, Villanova University

Maura commented of the the defection of Sheriff Saudino ,”I am disappointed that the sheriff chose to turn his back on his party, and his commitment to the people who nurtured his political career. I am disappointed that he chose political expediency, and self-interest ahead of the people’s interest.

I am sure the allure of the power of the Democratic Party in Bergen County is difficult to resist. I am sure Chairman Stellato made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. But there are those of us who believe in fighting for what is right and what we believe in regardless of the outcome.

Sheriff Saudino may want us to believe that his decision is about law enforcement, but we know it’s not. It’s about making a deal to secure his re-election. So let’s not for a moment pretend that this defection today has anything to do with differences with the past administration or the sheriff’s ability to carry out his duties.

It’s about nothing more than political ambition and succumbing to the allure of power and prolonging a political career.

I am prepared to work this year with the citizens of this county who want fair, honest and open government and I look forward to working with the Republican Party’s nominee for sheriff.”