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Ridgewood Municipal Court Career Opportunity


MUNICIPALITY:                  Ridgewood  

VICINAGE:                            Bergen Vicinage

POSITION TITLE:               Municipal Court Administrator – F/T

POSTING DATE:                 June 10, 2019

DEADLINE DATE:              June 24, 2019

SALARY RANGE:               COMMENSURATE WITH EXPERIENCE                                  

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Chief Justice Rabner Continues Push to Reform Municipal Court System

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Jacqueline Laurita in court April 12 testifying about the March 30 brawl.

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, While New Jersey’s municipal court system has made important strides in the fair administration of justice, the effort to reform the Judiciary’s local courts continues, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner said Friday.

Delivering his annual State of the Judiciary address before the New Jersey State Bar Association in Atlantic City, Chief Justice Rabner said a forthcoming report from a 38-member Supreme Court committee will propose recommendations to assure that municipal courts serve as a fair and neutral forum for resolving

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Lakeview Drive Landlord Charged With “endangering the welfare ” of Ridgewood Family

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file photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Police report that a Lakeview Drive resident reported she is the victim of endangering the welfare on October 18th. The victim reported she recently rented a residence and the furnace was deemed condemned in 2015. She stated the landlord had knowledge of this condition but turned the furnace on which endangered herself and her family. The victim signed a criminal complaint against the landlord which was forwarded to the Ridgewood Municipal Court for review.

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O’Scanlon Praises New Jersey Supreme Court’s Proposed Municipal Court Reforms



July 18,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth County) today issued praise to the Supreme Court Committee on Municipal Court Operations, Fines and Fees for their comprehensive report which, after a 16 month investigation, “revealed a number of significant concerns where aggressive reform is needed. Many of those issues identified by the Committee undermine both the administration of justice and the independence of the Municipal Courts.”
“In law enforcement and judicial systems, profit is the mortal enemy of justice,” Senator O’Scanlon said. “We must take real steps towards reforming municipal court and ticketing procedures. Policing for profit is an unacceptable practice that tarnishes the reputation of all our upstanding police officers and often results in devastating consequences for petty infractions.”
“Municipal Courts should be about the administration of justice, not a profit center to plug holes in local governments’ budgets,” O’Scanlon continued. “In the twenty-five years since our Courts were last reformed, too many towns have come to rely on fines to fund their municipal operations and too many local judges have turned into de facto tax collectors. This is not justice and it has to stop.”
Among the reforms that O’Scanlon is considering are:
• Enhanced screening and training for municipal court judges
• Extending the terms and possibly create tenure for municipal court judges
• Reworking how fine revenue is distributed to remove direct profit motivation.
• Increased use of technology in administering local justice.
• Encouraging court consolidation.
“Policing for profit has become the norm for too many municipalities. It has become so accepted that many local officials don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong. Pressure to write more tickets and generate more revenue is routinely applied to police. When considering the hiring of judges there is open discussion of how aggressive candidates will be in generating revenue. That perverts our justice system and damages peoples’ faith and trust in our police. Neither the institution nor our dedicated cops deserve that. Our overarching goal should be the greatest amount of compliance and safety with the LEAST amount of punishment. Ticket revenue need to be used to modify behavior when necessary, not to balance budgets.”
O’Scanlon has been working with the Administrative Office of the Courts to ensure reforms are appropriate and effective. His reform plan announcement comes at the same time as the release of the Supreme Court Committee on Municipal Court Operations, Fines, and Fees report.
“We are grateful for the extensive work that the committee has done here in putting together forty-nine recommendations to address these serious issues. Many of the issues and policy ideas we are tackling in our reforms are addressed in the report. I look forward to continuing the process of implementing the Committee’s other recommendations and restoring faith in our justice system.”
O’Scanlon acknowledged that these reforms will be initially unpopular with municipal officials who have been using fines to balance their budgets. He challenges those officials to join him in continuing to reform government with greater efficiencies.
“When we implemented the two percent local spending cap eight years ago, many officials thought it was doomsday. But we also gave them the tools to do the job and the best and brightest got to work and created savings and efficiencies,” O’Scanlon said. “Now many towns are consistently passing budgets within the cap while maintaining services. We need to keep doing that and more, especially regarding this issue which is one of justice and fundamental fairness.”

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Ridgewood Municipal Court Screening finds Marijuana

February 9,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, On Thursday, February 4, Ridgewood Police officer Lt. Glenn Ender was screening individuals prior to entering municipal court. Mr. Labeat Cefa placed his personal belonging in a tray prior to passing through a metal detector. Among the personal items placed in the tray was a marijuana cigarette.

Mr. Labeat Cefa, is a 37-year-old Albanian immigrant and graduate from Ridgewood High School., was placed under arrest and issued a summons for possession of marijuana. He was released pending a future court date.

Police Records indicate Labeat has previous arrests, including for marijuana, in Florida, and was awaiting trial on grand larceny charges from this past October out of New York City. Unsure if he was contacted by the Alumni Association.