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Reader says Ridgewood Sports Parents need to “Smarten up”

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I was at the football game at Giants Stadium and the football game the week before at RHS. Both featured parents and students who were obviously intoxicated.

I am no tea totaller and I have no problem with an adult having a cocktail or a couple beers with lunch or dinner before these events. But to go out and drink with intention of getting drunk is just gross. Especially with all these HS kids there. It is not right to get smashed in front of your kids.

I also dont believe in strict enforcement for the kids. I dont want breathalyzers for kids to attend events. Far be it from me to judge a kid who has a couple drinks before a game.

BUT when there are kids who can hardly walk and who are falling over other kids in the stands, the teacher or cops standing there have to step in. If nothing else by teaching there are limits you keep kids from getting out of control and doing harm to themselves or others. I saw behavior from kids at both games that should have had consequences. If you want to “go soft” then at least tell them to leave the event. In reality some of them probably should have received punishment from the school.

The bottom line is that at both football games, I was uncomfortable having my 1st grader there. I actively monitored the crowd because there was a real threat of a fight between parents and/or students at RHS and I was concerned about my kid getting trampled accidentally. At Giants Stadium, we actually moved seats to get away from the students precisely because there were some who were falling over trying to walk down the steps to their seats.

Bottom line: there is a line between creating a police state for parents and students and the free for all frat party that existed at those games I attended and now reportedly a the lacrosse games. We all have to smarten up or we will end up with strict enforcement from police and less fun for everyone.