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Is Full day Kindergarten Right for Ridgewood ?

March 17,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Fishbein presented a recommendation to the Board on bringing full-day Kindergarten to Ridgewood. His proposal is to fund a full-day program through a tax increase approved by voters this November in a second question.

While is seems an obvious great deal for parents , shifting costs away from baby sitters , the NJEA more teachers , the Ridgewood blog has yet to hear a definitive answer on how this is going to help the kids?

A study from Chloe R. Gibbs at the University of Virginia holds some preliminary good news for proponents of full-day kindergarten.

“Though many of the most important implications of the study won’t be clear until the students studied are much older, the first-of-its-kind randomized trial of full-day kindergarten shows sizable learning advantages for full-day students at the end of the kindergarten year.”

While in the past the longer day seems to have far greater impact in districts in lower social economic standing than Ridgewood .

Same study ,”As a result, any difference in the groups’ outcomes may be due to full-day kindergarten or may be caused by other differences in their lives outside the classroom — such as disparities in access to learning opportunities and academic support at home — typically associated with living in poverty.”

Residents have till now expressed concerns over costs , and what some parents have characterized as the “loss of childhood” . While others have felt it necessary given this era of overuse of standardized tests , but many are just not sold on the notion that longer hours equal better education .