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Valet parking constitutes an EMERGENCY? Seriously? Just when we thought that we’d seen it all

Valet parking constitutes an EMERGENCY?

October 6,2017

the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, The pictured signs have just been posted at all parking areas being used on Friday and Saturday nights for the Village’s Central Valet Parking program.

Chapter 265-44 of the Village of Ridgewood Code, cited on each posted sign, reads as follows:

§ 265-44. Posting of signs.

A.  Upon the declaration of an emergency, there shall be no parking upon streets or parts of streets where temporary emergency no parking signs are displayed. The Chief of Police, or in his absence the ranking police officer, is authorized to declare an emergency and to direct the posting of said emergency no-parking signs when weather conditions, accidents, fires or public celebrations dictate or require the avoidance of hazards or other conditions which interfere with the free flow of traffic.

B.  Notification that the emergency no-parking signs are being or will be posted shall be given to the operator or owner of any vehicle which has been parked prior to the posting of the signs.

What exactly is the emergency (as defined by subsection “A” of 265-44) associated with Valet Parking?  And, the North Walnut Street Municipal Parking Lot is not a “street.”  So would any summonses issued for 265-44 at that location even hold up in court?

When will they ever learn.