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Readers Say the Mayor and his two Council Comrades (the three Amigos ) have shown nothing but contempt for the Faulkner Act

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Readers Say the Mayor and his two Council Comrades (the three Amigos ) have shown nothing but contempt for the Faulkner Act

How much integrity or civility did it take to show up ostensibly as a member of the public at the first “civility forum”, grab the public microphone, p**s all over the sunshine law by blatantly involving himself as the third of three Village Council members (a quorum of the Three Amigos) needed to trigger its provisions, and then later, generously forgive himself for helping to violate both the letter and the spirit of that critical state law?

Here’s another criteria on which to consider the record of each member of the three amigos. How did they react at the time when another amigo behaved badly? Did they express sympathy for or empathize with the non-amigo victim? Did they criticize the fallen amigo, did they support, defend, or praise same, or did they stay silent/keep mum (following the eleventh commandment: thou shalt not speak ill of another amigo)? If not a candidate or officeholder at the time, are they on record with a private opinion, or can they be prevailed upon to express one now? If not, why not?

How about the African Queen Skype call to insure the Paul and Albert remain Mayor and Deputy Mayor and seal the deal on the BLOCK VOTE

If a broken (analog) clock is right twice a day, the Three Amigos can do the right thing, on occasion, and if it serves their collective interests.

Notice how none of the three ever bothers to deny that they are operating in league with each other? This is just another telltale sign of the kind of politically partisan behavior–including specific actions taken in concert in accordance with previously agreed-upon plans–that are not supposed to occur in non-partisan villages like Ridgewood that are organized under the Faulkner Act.

Is it that the Three Amigos despise our form of government, and wish nothing less that to bring about some kind of fundamental transformation? If so, this seems vaguely familiar, like some sort of deja vu…

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