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Council : American Flag only Flag for Ridgewood Village Hall


May 4,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, Village attorney Matt Rogers  told the council the Village is not obligated to fly the “Rainbow or Gay flag”. Rogers talked at length of both legal and policy implications .Rogers went on to explain the “freedom of Speech ” issues as well as  the Village flag pole had not history been used to make a political statement or as a public forum . Temporary signs are also banned from Village public property  which would include the Village hall flag pole .

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Mike Sedon chimed in that the American flag is inclusive and is the most potent symbol of inclusion world over. Both Bernie and Jeff were supportive of the Rainbow flag on the idea of “inclusiveness ” along the road that other groups  celebrate on Village property like the RBSA and so on. Councilmen Hache worried about other groups who may want to raise a flag that may not be supported by the community in general. The mayor worried it was a road  we don’t want to go down to be auditing countless groups looking to fly their flag over the Village hall.