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Reader says There is a tremendous undercurrent of anger among Ridgewood residents

CBD Ridgewood by ArtChick

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I have written in this Blog before about this: There is a tremendous undercurrent of anger among Ridgewood residents. It comes out in how they drive , even speeding in supermarket parking lots, speeding down local streets AND in the temperment of their dogs who try to lunge after you when you walk on sidewalk. The dog walkers do not guide their dogs away from other walkers.
And, as you all know , their have been a number of dog bitings recently in the neighborhood.
Now, I visit another state frequently and the atmosphere is people friendly, and people are considerate of others and you do not experience an undercurrent of anger. Dogs are not a problem when walking.
Just face it, the kids are reflecting their parents as dogs reflect their owners.
Deny what happened , make excuses for it , call it and “incident” instead of a brutal beating.
You are revealing your attitude toward other people. Any decent person, and those are hard to find here, would just say any beating is unjustified. Let alone a “brutal beating.”