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Van Neste Memorial Park Lighting Project in Ridgewood

Van Neste Memorial Park Lighting Project

photos by Boyd Loving

October 18,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, residents came out to see and participate in the creation of a new era of illumination in the park at the heart of Ridgewood. The Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands hosted a demonstration of Phase I of their lighting and audio project at MEMORIAL PARK AT VAN NESTE SQUARE on Monday, October 17 at 7:30 pm.


The Conservancy stated prior to the event ,”We will be turning on the lighting in the trees, on our pathways, and on our Historic Memorials for just this one evening, to give you a special demonstration of what the park will look like once Phase II is completed in the spring. We look forward to showing you a magnificent transformation of the park that will ultimately allow the community to host events throughout the year. This gift will be a meaningful to both the residents and the Central Business District, drawing our community together and benefiting all.”

The Van Neste Lighting Project is a collaboration of the Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands with lighting design firm Jan & Brooke, Luminae and the International Landscaping Lighting Institute.