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Trump just delivered the best speech of his political career


By Michael Goodwin

February 28, 2017 | 11:59pm

Sometimes a speech is just a speech. And sometimes it heralds the prospect of a great national revival.

Donald Trump gave the best speech of his short political life last night, and it had nothing to do with grand oratory. He was thoroughly presidential, speaking plainly and yet masterfully in projecting an optimistic vision of the America he aims to build.

It is a vision so optimistic and encompassing that even steaming Democrats had to join boisterous Republicans in the applause at times.

Anything you could possibly want, he served it up in a feast of ideas and promises. Trump was at turns resolute, as when he talked about the “broken promises” of ObamaCare.

And he never once mentioned the media or fake news. Hallelujah!

His speech was well written, and well delivered, chock full of initiatives and full of changes in mood.

Trump was aggressive when he wondered how Democrats opposed to border control would feel if they talked to an American who lost his job and maybe a loved one because of an illegal immigrant.

He showed flashes of humor and talked with compassion about the power of school choice to save children from failing schools while recounting the story of a young woman in the audience. She was one of several nonwhites he singled out in a display of diversity that most Dems couldn’t resist.