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SALUTE to Women in the Arts is presenting “World of Paper”


MAY 15, 2015    LAST UPDATED: FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015, 12:31 AM

SALUTE to Women in the Arts is presenting “World of Paper,” an exhibition by 22 members at the gallery at the West Side Presbyterian Church in Ridgewood. The exhibition includes: painting, drawing, printmaking, paper constructions, collage, artist-made books, photography and computer-generated art on paper. Artists were challenged to use paper in interesting ways and have created works of differing subject matter using their individual approaches to make art that is exciting.

“Mother Teresa” by In Son”Across the Hudson” by Harriet Sobie Goldstein”Stonington” collagraph by Robin Fruchter”The Snook” by Nancy Atkins Peck”Monhegan grass” by Pauline Chernichaw

“This exhibit is an example of the high caliber of artwork created by our members,” said Harriet Sobie Goldstein, acting president of SALUTE.

Begun in New Jersey in 1974, SALUTE to Women in the Arts is a community of practicing artists who are located in Bergen County offering an environment in which artists can meet their peers, share ideas and experiences and make career contacts.

In Son described her watercolor “Mother Teresa” -“I thought about May, Mother’s Day and the show and I thought Mother Teresa would be a great subject.”

Also on display is Pauline Chernichaw’s “Monhegan Grass” an archival print/photograph. “On Monhegan Island in Maine there is the most incredible light reflecting on the grass. You get a summery feeling,” said Chernichaw.