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Phill Murphy -Sara Medina del Castillo

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Trenton NJ,  Yesterday, a group of courageous whistleblowers came forward and exposed the Murphy Administration’s disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic inside nursing homes and longterm care facilities. In a letter to Senate President Sweeney and Leader Kean, a group of health department employees who identify themselves as Democrat-leaning voters called the Governor’s efforts “an unmitigated failure” that led to “preventable deaths”.NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt praised the whistleblowers and charged Governor Murphy with addressing what was brought to light:

“The letter that came to light last night, written by courageous whistleblowers within the Murphy administration, confirms our worst suspicions about the administration’s handling of the COVID crisis. We’ve long suspected the Governor was more concerned with public perception than PPE, more focused on media coverage than medical expertise, and is now more worried about covering up his failures than correcting them.

“Governor Murphy must begin his press conference today with a clear statement restoring faith in his actions. He must condemn these insider deals, admit that his ‘plan’ was never backed up by data, and stand accountable for his and his staff’s failures. We long suspected the governor’s actions were causing unnecessary deaths. Despite apparent fear of intimidation and retaliation, his own staff now confirms it.”

The NJGOP has submitted a formal request to Attorney General Barr and US Attorney Carpenito to investigate the Murphy Administration’s policies that led to the deaths of 6,000+ longterm care facility residents and staff.


  1. Dear. Mr. Steinhardt:
    Tyrant MURPHY Has just extended health emergency! There is an alleged uptick in Cases. But there are hardly anyone in hospitals having spoke to VALLEY HOSPITAL! This was not the plan! It was so health care is not OVERWHELMED! That it not the case now.HE is being petulant and tyrannical destroying lives and businesses..What he did with the ELDET CARE was and is criminal. Why do democrats get away with murder? Why isn’t he being put in front of GRAND JURY! THIS is no different than leaving a baby in a hot car. It seems like it was deliberate between the two governors flooding the nursing homes with COVID! What are the REPUBLICANS doing about this? How about a recall!!!
    Steve L

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