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No kidding – Tracy Morgan was at Graydon Pool

by Boyd A. Loving

Ridgewood NJ, No doubt about it; Tracy Morgan was at Ridgewood’s Graydon Pool on Tuesday, July 13.

When asked “What brings you to Graydon Pool?” the famous actor/stand-up comedian and Alpine, NJ resident told me that he was driving by Graydon recently with his 8-year-old daughter Maven, and she asked him if she could please swim there someday.  So, July 13 was a day he made that happen for Maven and 2 of her close friends.

Unfortunately, Mr. Morgan was unable to join his daughter and her friends in the water because he has a cast covering one of his ankles/feet.  However, an unidentified adult female did accompany the youths into the pool’s Linwood Avenue, 3.5-foot area.

Tracy invited those who wanted to photograph him sitting at poolside watching the children play in the water, to instead take photos with themselves included.  Such a friendly and welcoming celebrity!

So, Graydon Pool is a sought-after destination for the child of a man who owns a $14 million mansion in Alpine.  Yes; that’s right.  A home, with a pool, valued at $14 million and they belong to Graydon Pool.  Hmm.  That speaks volumes to me.

Click here for more information about, or to keep up with the Morgans by joining, Graydon Pool:

11 thoughts on “No kidding – Tracy Morgan was at Graydon Pool

  1. Cool! Bring Tina Fey!

  2. It’s Brian Fellows!!

  3. thought graydon was for residents or residents of certain towns unless accompanied by a village resident? So we pay taxes to let the public in ?

  4. That is fantastic. Celebrity status and allowing his daughter important normalcy in childhood. Also good for Bergen County & Ridgewood. Thank you Tracy Morgan.

  5. That’s pretty cool

  6. Let’s see if he comes back

  7. Never mind Tina. Bring Alec Baldwin

  8. To taxpayer: where have you been? Anybody is allowed to come on a day pass. Anybody from out of town. You can come as a guest, and you can get a membership. No, we are not paying taxes to support out of towners.Anyone from out of town has to pay to come in. And by the way, Graydon actually makes money for the village. It is not taxpayer supported, it makes money, get it?

  9. Only residents of Ridgewood may show up just for the day ($15) except as a guest ($20) of a badge holder who is present. (No fee for children under age 2.) For decades, only Ridgewood residents (and some specific groups, such as certain employees in town) could purchase season badges. That policy has changed and now anyone at all may do so.

  10. Awwww……. 🥰

  11. Welcome Tracy and family! I hope they had fun.

    I literally had werewolf bar mitzvah in my head for several days last week.

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