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No progress made on reopening of Maple Field – Village of Ridgewood lags way behind BOE on clean-up efforts

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Ridgewood NJ, cost estimates to clean-up the flood damaged artificial turf at Maple Field (owned by the Village of Ridgewood) have not yet been submitted to the Village Council for review and approval.  It is believed Village Council members will discuss this issue during their scheduled October 6 Public Work Session, and formally approve clean-up expenses at their scheduled October 13 Public Meeting.

Meanwhile, Ridgewood Board of Education members had approved expenses for clean-up of their two (2) artificial turf fields (RHS Stadium and Stevens Field) back on September 13, and both of those fields are in the process of being cleaned, with an expectation of imminent reopening.

Additionally, it has been reported that damages to Maple Field (estimated at $75k) will not be covered by insurance, although damages to the RHS Stadium field and Stevens Field ($150k) will be covered in part by insurance.  Go figure; The Ridgewood Blog supposes that the BOE has a better insurance policy!

13 thoughts on “No progress made on reopening of Maple Field – Village of Ridgewood lags way behind BOE on clean-up efforts

  1. Maple got it the worst….

  2. Why does it cost 75 k to remove some dirt?

  3. Nancy Bigos is on the ball once again. Not.

  4. Way to go Nancy Bigios. I mean what does she do all day?

  5. Will the sports groups be asked to pony up any monies to assist with remediation?

  6. Hey Nancy: Vets Field is still a mess too. Have you been in the hospital or something? Welcome back to reality. There was a big storm and a lot got fucked up. Can you please start to make calls to repair places? Whoa boy. Asleep at the switch.

  7. What about the pool it looks like shit, drain the damn water already and rake the sand up. This is ridiculous Parks Dept is a joke

  8. She must be busy at some health barn event.

  9. It’s time to retire. And your sidekick pickle ball boy.

  10. Pool is empty and has been for days. Wake up bozo. Matt is on the scene.

  11. Rake the sand clean it. Bozo boy.

  12. There will never ever be another tim.

  13. Nancy must have been celebrating this –

    Please write a story about this. It really is something to celebrate. James – you know how wonderful this is for our town.

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