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Oakland MVC Closed Due to COVID


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Oakland NJ, Motor Vehicle Commission locations in Oakland and Runnemede are now closed because employees in both locations tested positive for COVID-19.

The locations will reopen on Nov. 13 and Nov. 17 respectively. Other agency locations in Paterson, Rahway, Washington and West Deptford are still closed after having infected employees as well.

According to the NJMVC , the Rahway and Washington locations are set to reopen on Saturday; West Deptford will remain closed until Nov. 12 and Paterson will reopen Nov. 14.

10 thoughts on “Oakland MVC Closed Due to COVID

  1. Are we surprised…?

  2. Ugh can’t wait for this election to end so covid can be over.

  3. They better make the extra extension longer. What a mess .

  4. They should be open seven days a week, then maybe they may catch up. Very dirty inside .The extension should go another six months.

  5. They should. Extend driver licenses
    By 12 months send a bill that can be paid by credit card

    Car registrations should be extended
    By 12 months full stop no admin

    Just add 12 months to current printed
    Date of This is a crisis mvb gov and

    Easy fix send invoices later assume
    Extentions were made

  6. Renewals and Extentions are COVID


  7. I was promised, at length, over and over, that Covid would disappear on Nov 4. WTF.

  8. Extend or confirm Donkey brain disease

  9. My license is expired….
    Registration overdue.
    No inspection.
    Old plates need to be turned in.
    Ask me if I give a shit.
    If your stupid enough to go and stand on a line for 3 hours to pay a tax your just a lemming like the rest of em.

  10. Just mail it in.
    Works like a champ.

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