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Orchard Elementary School Goes Full Remote

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Ridgewood NJ, Due to two recent separate positive COVID-19 cases of unknown origin, Orchard Elementary School will transition to all remote learning tomorrow, Tuesday, December 1, 2020. In person instruction will resume on Tuesday December 15, 2020. Orchard Elementary School students should not participate in out of school activities during this time of remote learning. The situation is fluid and updated information from the NJDOH may alter this return date.

After a careful review, the district in coordination with the Ridgewood Health Officer was not able to identify a clear connection or origin of infection between the two cases. Therefore, according to the NJDOH COVID-19 Regional Risk Matrix and the Ridgewood Health Officer, it is recommended that we transition to remote learning.

All close contacts have been identified and notified. If you have not been notified then your child has not been determined to be a close contact.

4 thoughts on “Orchard Elementary School Goes Full Remote

  1. Obviously the numbers going up so shut it down. Let’s be safe and smart not stupid.

  2. if I have not been notified and the kid hasn’t been in close contact, why am I being asked to keep them out of non-school activities for 2 weeks? No one knows what they are doing. What a joke. BTW – I am certainly going to let kid attend out of school activities.

  3. Thank God we have the school to control our children’s lives.

  4. Not me I controlled my kids.

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