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Paramus Mayor and Council All In on Route 17 Bottleneck Project

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Paramus NJ, Paramus Mayor Chris DiPiazza Calls Route 17 Bottleneck Project “the biggest and most important project in my upcoming tenure to Paramus”.

According to Mayor Chris DiPiazza ,the governing body, proudly and unanimously voted in favor of the resolution below, supporting the Route 17 Bottleneck Project. Perhaps the biggest and most important project in my upcoming tenure to Paramus. We hope all levels of government and all political parties can continue to work together and open up our regions most clogged artery.

In fact a 2017 to 2019 analysis found there were 899 accidents  in this section of the Route 17 bottleneck project. That’s about one crash per day, basically requiring continuous emergency responses. This is  greater than the statewide average for similar roadways. and perhaps exacerbated by the high levels of congestion .

The New Jersey Department of Transportation and the County of Bergen have long concluded that Route 17 from Essex Street in Hackensack to the cloverleaf at Garden State Plaza in Paramus need to be widened in order to alleviate traffic congestion in the area . For most commuters and shoppers living in Bergen County this fact has been obvious for a very long time.


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6 thoughts on “Paramus Mayor and Council All In on Route 17 Bottleneck Project

  1. Paramus is one of the best run towns in Bergen

    1. Paramus is a disaster. Too much overdevelopment and traffic. Developers are determined to develop all open spaces.

  2. Rt 4 is a disaster as well.

  3. The mayor sometimes misses council meetings because he has to finish his geometry homework. True story, morning glory.

  4. In order to widen Route 17, you need more land on both sides of the roadway. Will the current property owners in that area willingly give the state the land. No, it has to be condemned and then purchased by the state. And many buildings in Rochelle Park, Maywood and Lodi are very close to the highway. So, what happens to the the businesses? They will need to be re-located, and will potentially fail. But the County Executive and Mayor of Paramus are “all in” and on board. But “at what cost”?

    1. You are absolutely right and frankly I don’t think the politicians really care. It’s not them having to relocate their homes or businesses. Bergen County is just becoming one big mess in the name of progress. Such a shame,

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