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Parents Voice Frustration Over Ridgewood School District Staffing Shortages

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Ridgewood NJ, Staffing shortages, particularly aides and substitutes, have become a major issue for public schools statewide as well as in Ridgewood . The Ridgewood Board of Education has discussed strategies to attract applicants for these positions.

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Members of the Ridgewood Administrative Team promoted employment opportunities in the district at the #BCASA Education Job Fair.

At Monday’s Ridgewood Board of Education meeting parents voiced frustration over staff shortages at Ridge Elementary school . According to many parents, school staffing shortage has led to increased class sizes, creating unproductive and unsafe learning environments for their children.



Candidates interested in becoming an aide should apply via the link below.
Aide Application Process 

To qualify to become an aide, a candidate must complete the online application and pass a criminal history review. The fee for the criminal history review is $65.05.  It is preferred, but not required, that eligible aides also apply for their substitute license so they may be allowed to oversee children alone in a classroom.


Candidates interested in becoming a substitute should apply via the link below.

Substitute Application Process

To qualify to become a substitute, a candidate must complete the online application, have at least 60 college credits, and pass a criminal history review. The fee for the substitute application is $125 and the fee for the criminal history review is $65.05.

The process can take about a month to complete, and all applicants need to be approved at a Board of Education meeting.

Thank you for your interest.


16 thoughts on “Parents Voice Frustration Over Ridgewood School District Staffing Shortages

  1. You need to pay more . End of story . Pay me $250 a day like Wayne and I’ll be a sub . You pay every 15 days but you only get paid for two weeks . It’s like you’re working for free .

  2. A lot of aids in the elementary school are volunteers. I’m curious if there’s a reason high school has a different model?

  3. Just raise the property taxes more.

    1. Let me guess. You’re not even a Ridgewood property tax payer, but just another expert in spending other people’s money.

    2. Maybe Ridgewood could create a special property tax in order to send aid money to Ukraine directly from Ridgewood? There’s blue and yellow flags and bows all over town, but putting a flag in your front yard, or bow on your porch railing doesn’t actually help or do anything for those suffering in Ukraine. They need real help.

  4. $200 to apply?

  5. This is the BOE’s issue.

    That group couldn’t organize a 2 car funeral.

  6. Property taxes could easily be raised to ensure a quality education is being given, can a price really be put on that?

    1. lets propose a ‘fair law’… show ‘who we are’.
      If you don’t have children in the schools, you dont pay the school taxes
      why should middle income people with no kids subsidize rich kids

  7. It’s just and indoctrination center so I’m OK with just jamming the kids in and saving money on staffing… it’s not like the kids are getting a first class education anymore.

  8. Cutting teacher’s bloated salaries, pensions, and benefits and putting the money towards additional staffing is the sensible and appropriate step to take.

    Somehow students are no longer the priority in the educational system, thanks to irrational and over aggressive teacher’s unions whose member’s feel entitled.

    1. Like it not, the teacher shortage is everywhere and is not going away anytime soon. However you feel about teacher pay, RW is not that different than other similar districts. Substitute pay should be higher, but that is not the root of the problem.

  9. With a 100 million dollar a year budget and you want to raise taxes?
    Are you out of your fuc&$#g mind????

  10. The “bloated salaries” are mainly for very experienced teachers who make over 100K. One reason teachers get such a bad rap is that all of the salaries are public knowledge. Look at any big private organization and if you knew everyone’s salary there you would see plenty of people where you would say, “that person makes that much, he/she is way overpaid” for the job they do.

    1. Teachers are overpaid now, they didn’t used to be. Teachers salaries are paid by tax dollars, salaries of employees at private companies are not. That’s the difference.

  11. Plenty of school substitute /aide staffing agencies out there. They do all the leg work. Problem solved.

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