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Passaic County Sheriff Dies of Self Inflicted Wounds

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Clifton NJ, Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik, a prominent law enforcement figure with strong connections to North Jersey, tragically took his own life on Tuesday afternoon at the renowned Turkish restaurant Toros in Clifton, as confirmed by multiple sources.

The distressing incident unfolded when Berdnik entered the restroom at Toros on Hazel Street, and shortly after, a gunshot was heard by patrons in the restaurant.

The occurrence occurred just after 3:30 p.m., prompting a swift response. By 3:38 p.m., a call was broadcasted over the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office radio system, summoning all units to Toros.

The scene witnessed over a dozen police vehicles, including those from Paterson police, the Sheriff’s Office, Clifton fire, and Clifton police, all with flashing lights. Nearby streets were cordoned off, and two helicopters circled above the location, flanking the restaurant.

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9 thoughts on “Passaic County Sheriff Dies of Self Inflicted Wounds

  1. The food was so bad that he took his life…

    1. Beat me to it!

    2. Stupid, childish, and unnecessary. I suggest these pages need additional moderating.

      1. Shut up John. I haven’t seen your mature oversight when it comes to the frequent slander here against blacks and Hispanics.

  2. I heard our village manager was friendly with this guy as he used to be the Mayor of a nearby town. We are finding out more and more all of the great relationships Keith has with members from all over NJ. Of course, that is how he got his job in Ridgewood, after all. He is quite the mover and shaker and time will tell if any of these connections will actually benefit Ridgewood for the “greater good” or if these relationships only seek to reinforce and stregthen the pet projects that Vagianos, Whino, Weitz and Perron have on their radar. Evil bunch, evil deeds.

    1. Man, the anti-VC, anti-Keith crowd, also busy on the town FB pages, are a bunch of petty weirdos who need to gain a bit of perspective with their small town politics obsessions. No opportunity to trash talk them or wrap them up in paranoid conspiracies is wasted, is it?

  3. Why did he do it?
    We’re about to find out.

    1. Maybe is has something to do with a 49 year old Toms River resident who was just arrested a week ago for providing banned Chinese made surveillance camera systems to certain NJ county municipal police departments and jails.
      It just so happens that the Berdniks own a ocean front Tom River “vacation” residence in New Jersey in close proximity to the recently arrested person’s residence in Toms River.

      So far the NJ attorney general has not stated which NJ facilities have the banned equipment installed or how the equipment was purchased but it is odd that the events surrounding the planned cover up by the 3 charged Passaic County Sheriff employees as well as the closing of the Paterson jail that some say may be contributing factors in the Berdnik suicide also dealt with jail surveillance systems or to be more precise, allowing the Sherriff office employees to commit the alleged offenses by being able to bypass the surveillance systems in place by knowing where the blind spots are.

      In any event, Berdnik’s death is a tragedy for his family.

  4. I cannot imagine the hurt this man caused to his survivors.
    If anyone is thinking of of offing themselve… think of others before yourself
    This will have a forever lasting impact on them

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