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Paul Vagianos Promoted a Candidates Forum Requiring a Pledge to Support Construction of a Massive Five Level Parking Garage on Hudson Street

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ , in 2016 business owner Paul Vagianos, on behalf of Progress for Ridgewood, inviting candidates for Village Council  to participate in a candidate forum at the Park West Tavern . The price of admission to the forum, was a signed pledge to support the immediate construction of a massive five level parking garage at the Hudson Street site.




14 thoughts on “Paul Vagianos Promoted a Candidates Forum Requiring a Pledge to Support Construction of a Massive Five Level Parking Garage on Hudson Street

  1. Skunk !

  2. Vote Hooban and avoid disaster in the process!

  3. Viagianos is corrrect. Our town needs to provide adequate parking and smart growth. The business district separates our town from others and is a key factor in maintaining our desirability. We need to continue to seek improvement and one area in need is parking .

  4. This campaign manager is an operative of the Democratic party. I worry about the integrity of the Dominion voting machines used by Bergen Cty.

    How can we trust the results…?

  5. Vote Hooban and hope to slow down the impending demise of Ridgewood which sooner or later will take place. What have we got to lose anyway? The deciding factor will the wokes who vote on party lines in lockstep. Is Hooban appealing to them ? It should be because she is a woman but she is not for “progress” and not heavily linked with dem party. It is a no brainer to vote for her but brain is something in real scarcity in this town these days.

  6. He’s only interested in what’s good for him – not what’s good for Ridgewood

  7. Vagianos, perhaps an aptly sounding name given it’s homonym to that of the female anatomy. More sinister though, is that he is a Wolf in lamb souvlaki clothing; deliciously irresistible to those readily looking to be led by an established opportunist, and the many who seek to take financial advantage in his wake. 

    It is commendable, (albeit legally required) that Vag campaign listed the somewhat dubious (e.g. Sombrero Restaurant?) donor list recently, but what about the excellent and essential questions that were asked in the open letter of 09/11? If the answers are simple, why isn’t he providing them? Nothing to hide? Why no transparency? Are these potentially sub-judice questions for the future, Attorney Vagianos?  

    Those who Vag’ ostensibly seeks to represent have a right to know where their tax dollars were funneled, and to what end. Are we otherwise not heading towards the same sort of impropriety that Vag’s party colleagues have, and not least his buddy Willhelm/aka DeBlasio and the $1.2 billion “Thrive” aka tax dollars, that has mysteriously evaporated with no accountability, through a similar, ahem, “initiative” to that of Vag’s local involvement. 

    In addition to eliciting servitude from the likes of Perron, (why is Vag’ listed under Avvo as being part of her law practice for his NJ license? ( and gaining special favors from everyone from the Mayor to the sanitation workers, Vag is an established attorney (who’s NY license was suspended for some unknown reason – Perhaps he simply forgot to renew. 

    Where are the answers to the simple questions, Attorney Vagianos? Is it that you have no idea where all that splendid cash went? Are you, then, at all qualified to be part of the council? 

    Perhaps your campaign slogan ought to be urgently changed to:

    Maybe, the Ridgewood Blog should have a campaign slogan competition? 

    Answer the questions Vag!

    Do you know how many restaurants from Ridgewood participated in the first Million Dollar Grant of feed the front lines?
    Do you know what was the ratio of administrative fee vs the money that actually reached the restaurants?
    Do you know who were the top 5 restaurants to benefit from this one million dollar grant and how much did each of those restaurants recieve ?
    Do you know where the food was delivered?
    The initiative says “feed the front lines” – do you know – how much of 1M went to feed the front lines?
    Lastly, do you know if some of the recipients of this money had political connections?

  8. We do not need any more parking. No more. Get it? We have enough parking. We do not need Vagianos.


  9. “Viagianos is correct”

    BS! He is a self serving leftist in this for only enhancing his net worth. He will bring Ridgewood down the path of Fort Lee and Hackensack

  10. So? This was what his group was interested in, what’s the problem?

  11. Hang on… let’s bring some dignity back to this conversation. You disagree with him, fine. Think the parking garage was a bad idea? Fine. But that doesn’t merit the malicious name-calling. That doesn’t make him a crook.

    He’s entitled to speak up for what he believes in. You’re entitled to disagree with him. And you don’t need to vote for him. But let’s bring some civility to the table.

  12. Vag isn’t a lawyer any more than I am Captain America. Why does he always insist that he is a lawyer and not a businessman? He graduated from law school in 1983 and was admitted into the NJ (1983) and NY (1989) Bars. He only practiced for a few years. His license was retired* in NJ in the early 1990s and suspended in NY in 2000 (probably for not keeping his paperwork current…not a big deal). With the exception of one case of a casino cook they attempted to suspend from casino employment because of drug possession (1987 and he lost), there is no record of him practicing. I cannot find any record for the environmental cases, nor the task force, he touts on his website. Not that it didn’t happen but he’s certainly had limited experience and has not practiced law in 30+ years.

    No self-respecting attorney I know (and I work with dozens of them) goes around calling themselves a lawyer when they do not practice law or are employed in a position (i.e. – manager, director, engineer, etc) nor requiring a law degree. In fact, they remove the “Esq.” from their signature blocks when they are signing off of documents. It just the ethical thing to do.

    He must have an inferiority complex about slicing gyros to keep insisting he is a lawyer. There’s nothing wrong with slicing gyros.

    And while I would put much weight into AVVO, it did find it VERY odd that they somehow list his business address as the Office of Pam Perron. How would the two of them be associated with each other by a large national internet information provider? How does that even happen?

    * “Retired – The attorney has certified that he or she is “completely retired from the practice of law” and that the attorney’s employment, if any, is not related in any way to the practice of law. The attorney has certified that he or she “does not draft or review legal documents, render legal assistance or advice, teach law, or serve in a court system in any capacity,” in any jurisdiction. An attorney in Retired status is not permitted to practice New Jersey law…”;

  13. Im not excited with either candidate.

  14. Bye Sombrero! Tito’s it is!!

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