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Pete Wentz , Bassist Fall Out Boy, at Bookends


Pete Wentz , Bassist  Fall Out Boy, at Bookends
Wednesday, February 20th @ 6:00pm
Bassist and Primary Lyricist for the band Fall Out Boy, will sign his new book: Gray Books available Feb 19th

Appearing authors will only autograph books purchased at Bookends and must have valid Bookends Receipt.
Availability & pricing for all autographed books subject to change.Bookends cannot guarantee that the books that are Autographed will always be First Printings.Autographed books purchased at Bookends are non-returnable.

While we try to insure that all customers coming to Bookends’ signings will meet authors and get their books signed, we cannot guarantee that all attendees will meet the author or that all books will be signed.  We cannot control inclement weather, author travel schedules or authors who leave prematurely.

Bookends, 211 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ   07450   201-445-0726

One thought on “Pete Wentz , Bassist Fall Out Boy, at Bookends

  1. Going to be an interesting line today! Jailbait in Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters as far as the eye can see.

    To be fair, Fallout Boy has a few decent tunes, and any band named after an obscure Simpson’s reference can’t be half bad.

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