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Philippines Versus US Casino Games Comparison

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Slot machines, sportsbooks, and poker are the internet gambling. Nevertheless, each state has its legal system and takes a different stand on the issue of whether online gambling is supportable. These attributes may make it difficult to provide a comprehensive evaluation of online gambling in the country as a whole. By 2022, about half of the states had legalised or restricted internet gambling in some capacity, and more were expected to do the same soon. Nearly 10% of adult Americans wagered on live and virtual casino games at least once a week as of September 2021. The US internet gambling industry increased, like they do in the Philippines, rising from 8.7 billion dollars to 9.5 billion dollars in the same year.

Minimum Deposit: 

Generally speaking, a deposit of any size does not activate a bonus. To be eligible for a bonus, you must deposit more cash than a sum. The most common barrier is 500 pesos or ten dollars.

Consumer preferences: 

Customers in the Philippines have shown a love for online gambling since it is so accessible and convenient. Gamers may wager and engage in many games from the comforts of their homes. Online gambling has gained familiarity as players may enjoy their favourite games while on the road by mobile gambling programs.

Philippine gambling taxes 

Online and physical casinos are subject to a similar system of taxes. One of the primary sources of funding for the government, which utilises the money for various initiatives and investments to advance the nation, is taxes derived from gaming operations. 


In the Philippines, there are many types of taxes. The gross gaming revenue, or GGR, is the first type. It is subject to a 30% tax on the gross income of the casino. This tax is due by both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. Then there is VAT, which is 5%. And it is charged on deposits, withdrawals, and wins. 


Licences are a significant source of revenue for the government, in addition to taxes, through the casino and gambling industry. There are yearly and monthly fees that both physical and virtual casinos have to pay. The charge for physical casinos is greater.

Bonus Codes for Online Casinos 

You will be familiar with discount codes if you shop online. You enter these discount coupons while making any online purchase. Bonus codes for online casinos work in the same way as like they do in the Philippines. You must input the bonus code if you are applying for a bonus to collect the benefit. They will still give you the bonus if you ask for help correctly, though, unless you’ve already started playing.

The Philippines’ most-played casino games

A well-liked venue for players with diverse gambling inclinations is the Philippines. There are thousands of slot machines on the island credits to its more than 150 casinos, not to mention the ones you can play online. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it is the most famous casino game in the nation. With many themes and ease of play, players can discover a game they enjoy. The next game is roulette, which is popular among players because of the excitement of the game. Players also prefer to play card games like baccarat. Additionally, certain casinos are well-known for serving pusoy dos, a typical Filipino card game.


Notable Developments in the Philippine Casino Sector

Growing use of social media marketing is one of the key trends in the Philippine casino gaming firms. Social media marketing methods are used by casino owners to attract customers from online and offline sources.The owners of casinos and gaming enterprises, who employ creative marketing strategies, have also acknowledged the power of social media platforms to impact firms. These social networking platforms are used more by offline and online casino operators, including large gaming and entertainment firms offering entertainment items, to advertise casino games and spark customer interest.


However, because social media platforms don’t have many limits on posting warning messages regarding responsible gambling information, social media marketing has been a prominent strategy utilised by vendors for advertising. Customers are paying more attention, and more individuals will play casino games. Therefore, it anticipates that these factors would support the market’s expansion over the projected time.

Jackpot awards are common in online casinos

Money is another significant element that many consider. Jackpot payments do occur at internet casinos, despite the prevalence of progressive jackpots there. Another thing luring players in is the fact that online casinos have higher rewards than traditional casinos. 

In summary 

The sale of the PAGCOR casinos, controlled by the Philippine government, presents a chance for international businesses operating in this sector. As mentioned before, profits from casinos hit US$6 billion in 2018, making the Philippines the fourth-largest gambling destination in the world.

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