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>Police go on ticket blitz before Chris Christie gets sworn in

>Police go on ticket blitz before Chris Christie gets sworn in . Looks like desperate for cash Municipalities suspect the worse from Christie budget cuts .Many readers have reported in neighboring towns ,particularly Paramus that the Police are aggressively targeting even parked vehicles for their latest ticket barrage. Many readers are urging other motorist to avoid high ticket towns and take your business other places. The Ridgewood blog has been contacted by several groups that are looking to boycott certain jurisdictions particularly on the Jersey Shore because of the excess use of police power to collect revenues . To this date thankfully no one has reported this in Ridgewood and local merchants who seem to have enough issues these days have one less thing to worry about. The Ridgwood blog suggests at lest for the next week or so that shoppers avoid the malls and try to keep you business local and once again we remind everyone that Policing is about public safety not revenue generation.

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