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Political Loyalties Are No Different Than Sports Team Loyalties

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the analogy of political loyalties being similar to sports team loyalties is a useful way to understand the deep-seated nature of our affiliations. It helps illustrate the emotional and tribal aspects of political alignment that often transcend rational analysis. Here are a few key points to consider in this analogy:

  1. Emotional Attachment: People often form emotional connections with their chosen political party or candidate, similar to how sports fans bond with their teams. These emotions can be rooted in personal beliefs, values, family traditions, or local culture.
  2. Loyalty Through Thick and Thin: Sports fans tend to stand by their team even during tough times, and political supporters may exhibit the same unwavering loyalty. This loyalty isn’t solely based on performance but is deeply ingrained in one’s identity.
  3. Team Mentality: Just as sports fans rally behind their teams, political supporters unite under the banner of their chosen party. This group identity can create a sense of belonging and shared purpose.
  4. Resistance to Change: Switching allegiance in sports or politics can be emotionally challenging. It often requires a significant event or a compelling reason to make people reconsider their loyalties.
  5. Tribalism and Survival: The analogy highlights the evolutionary aspect of tribal loyalty, which was crucial for human survival. In the past, leaving one’s tribe could indeed lead to danger. This deep-rooted instinct may make it hard for individuals to change their political affiliations.
  6. Challenging Conversations: Recognizing the sports team analogy can encourage more empathetic and understanding conversations across political divides. It’s a reminder that people on the other side of the political spectrum have their own deeply held beliefs and loyalties.


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While this analogy can help us better understand the nature of political loyalties, it’s important to also encourage open and informed political discourse. Ideally, people should be willing to examine evidence and consider alternative viewpoints even within the context of their political “team.” However, acknowledging the emotional and tribal aspects of political allegiance is essential for more productive and respectful conversations about politics.


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3 thoughts on “Political Loyalties Are No Different Than Sports Team Loyalties

  1. Why is Governor Horseteeth in Japan ?

  2. Loyalties to the worst Village Council in the history of Ridgewood is just incredible and it is all about pay to play. The only sane one is Lorraine Reynolds. These people are just plain horrible and have no scruples and they will ruin or bankrupt the Village. The mayor gives a $47,000 undisclosed mortgage (plus 10% interest) to his good pals Richard Brooks (Chair of Ridgewood’s Park and Rec Committee) and Gail Price, Partner of the law firm handling the Outfront media’s LED 40 Foot Billboard company that has applied for many variances from the Village of Ridgewood that will directly benefit this mayor. Sioban Winograd is a schemer trying to please the sports groups, Evan Weitz basically does nothing and complains about staying late and that public should not comment more than 3 minutes. Pam, well, she always seems to be worn out and tired. Maybe this is taking a toll on her having to deal with people that lie and cheat (allegedly). so yeah, pay to play.

    1. Who would want to run for office?
      In the old days you had to be a long time respected resident to get elected
      A few things some of our former council members have to their credit:
      Building a firehouse in a floodplain
      Doing a Taj-mahal renovation of the Town hall in a floodplain
      Passing an ordinance allowing developers to actually change the rules to their liking *not sure if this has been fixed yet but too late*
      you cant make this shit up

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