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Popular Weight Loss Apps to Keep You on Track

People with smart mobile devices can now download workout apps to aid them in their weight loss program. The apps allow them to track various workout aspects such as fat burnout, cardiac workout, and weight loss. Some apps even provide helpful ideas on the best workout diet that can facilitate weight loss. The apps are popular, and you have probably come across some when scrolling your mobile device. However, like the other good things, the weight loss apps are many, and the sheer volume makes the choosing process daunting. So, how do you choose the best? To help you out, we have outlined the popular weight loss apps to keep you on track. Check them out.

Weight Watchers (WW)

WW is one of the leading weight-loss mobile apps in today’s market. It reaches out to its clients using digital software and physical meetings for those located in the US. In both systems, the users are assigned smart points to help them stick to their diet allotment. The point system is different for every user as it targets specific calorie allocations depending on the weight loss goals of each party. Before the points’ assignment, you must enter your details, including age, weight, and health goals. 

After the assignment, you should use the barcode scanner to capture your calorie intake. This will allow the app to calculate and keep track of your calorie intake. The app will also monitor your workout activity, allow for social networking, and offer more than 8000 approved recipes to help you achieve your goals. Further, the software offers 24/7 training hence fit for all time applications.


Noom mobile app helps users to manage their weight and improve their health and lifestyles. It considers the users’ lifestyles, conditions of health, weight, sex, height, and health goals to gauge the type and quantity of daily calories. Noom is usually flooded for giving a personalized experience to users and encouraging social relationships. As seen on this Noom vs weight watchers review, Noom offers online health coaching on various health topics. The coaching is usually accompanied by daily questions that are meant to test the impact of their training. 

Apart from training and diet assignment, the users also enjoy access to more than 3.5 million recipes for a quality diet. Read between the Noom and Weight Watchers lines and make your choice. Each has its pros and cons, and the comparison will help you weigh your options to make an informed decision. 

Lose it!

Lose it mobile app is known for its efficiency in tracking weight and counting your calorie intake. It has a simple user-interface to better the user experience. Once you feed the app with the information about your age, weight, and your weight loss goals, the software will generate the number of calories you should take daily together with a personalized weight management plan. 

The app also has snap features. The snap it features will allow you to take pictures of all your meals. Once you take the snaps, the software’s integrated system will calculate your calorie intake and produce your weekly results. Assuming that you stick to the weight loss plan, the app will compare your fat burnout and the calorie intake to assess any improvements. It is compatible with all smart devices and free to some extent. You can get the full services by going for a premium subscription.

My fitness pal 

Last on our list is my fitness pal, a versatile app that allows its users to manage their weight by counting their calorie intake. It requires users to enter their data, including weight, weight goals, and age. It then uses the data to calculate the daily calorie needs of the user. The app also features a barcode scanner to allow the users to capture the different packaged foods. It then analyses the foods and presents the results in pie charts, bar graphs, or even statements to precisely show the concentration of different nutrients. 

Further, the app offers a messaging platform to allow for the establishment of social relationships. The users can thus use the platform to encourage each other. The quick add feature can help you identify the nutrient content before taking a meal.

As you can see, there are many apps out there that you can use to achieve your weight loss goal. Though they exhibit some differences, these apps can help you track your calorie intake and suggest a workout program. So, it’s upon you to choose the best app which fits your budget and needs. For best results, try several apps to pick the one which best fits your preferences.

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