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Primera Division Season 2022 Predictions

It’s another great season of football in the Primera Division. To everyone’s surprise, Real Madrid seems to be running away with it this season and a shoo-in for the La Liga title. The return from the winter break saw the team come into good form, claiming the top spot on the table as we move into the final few games of the 2022 season.

This year, Los Blancos have bookmakers offering short odds of 1/12 on Barca lifting the trophy, claiming another title to one of Spain’s elite franchises. With the club’s closest rivals, Barcelona, entering a crisis this season and Atletico Madrid failing to build the consistency they need to challenge for the title, Real Madrid seems to capitalize on their good fortune in 2022.

Carlo Ancelotti’s men are confident in their capabilities this season, with the team sitting on top of the table and not a threat in sight. It looks like it’s a safe bet on Real Madrid to end up champions this season.

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Where is Barcelona in 2022?

Sevilla was a driving force in title contention last season. However, they don’t seem to have the same consistency in 2022, and the team struggles to bring its form back to the same squad Julen Lopetegui led in winning the 2020 Europa League.

That said, they look like they are coming into form and the only real contenders to Real Madrid taking the title this season. Behind Sevilla, we have rivals Real Betis. The eight-point gap between the two could close, but that’s not very likely.

Sevilla has a puncher’s chance in pulling it off, with some bookmakers seeing good action. However, the reality is that with so few games left and Real on form, closing the six-point gap isn’t a certainty for Sevilla.

To fan’s distress, Barcelona fell off the cliff this season. Typically, it’s a battle of wits at the top between Real Madrid and Barcelona, but this season, the team is struggling to hold their position in the top four. With a staggering 15-point gap between Barca and Real, there’s no chance of the team bringing the title home to Camp Nou in 2022.

The off-field situation at Barca sees Xavi replace Ronald Koeman as the manager. As a result, Xavi is looking into rebuilding the squad, looking to youth to fill the gaps in the senior team. In the latest effort in the campaign, Xavi re-signed Adama Traore on loan till the end of 2022. We wouldn’t call that much of a transfer, and it doesn’t seem to give Barca the spark they need to make a final run at it this season.

Still, the Spanish winger earned a reputation for his dribbling while at Aston Villa in the Premier League. Barca has the option to buy the player at the end of the season, but there’s no official word if the team intends to execute this option.

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