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Ian Smith Campaign Wants Body Cam Video Released Immediately!

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Cinnaminson NJ, following published reports that Ian Smith, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District, was charged with DUI the campaign is calling on the Cinnaminson police department to immediately release all video of the incident.

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Ian Smith rose to fame as one of the owners of a Bellmawr gym who violated  Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order to remain closed in March under a statewide emergency order, the gym opened without permission on May 18 and then was padlocked by the state on May 22 under a court order. Atilis Gym had reopened their business were in violation of Executive Order 107, issued by New Jersey Governor Philip D. Murphy on March 21, 2020.

“Being charged with an offense and actually committing an offense are two entirely different things. Ian Smith was not driving drunk. Ian Smith is innocent,” Ian Smith campaign consultant Steve Kush said. “Body cam footage will show Ian passed a field sobriety test. The Cinnaminson police department should immediately release the body cam footage to every news outlet immediately. Don’t wait for OPRA requests.”

“I immediately wondered why Ian was pulled over in the first place.” Kush continued, “The Governor obviously hates him! Establishment politicians don’t want him. Andy Kim and the Democrats continuously send emails using Ian’s name to raise money. The cufflinks and cologne faction of the Republican Party don’t want him and have gone so far as to warn fellow Republicans to stay away from Ian until after the primary.”

“While it is true that Ian refused the breathalyzer, it is understandable.” Kush commented, “Ian has a distrust of government in New Jersey after being persecuted by the Governor and government agencies for two years. He’s certainly not the first public figure not to trust a breathalyzer. Ten years ago Assemblyman Paul Moriarty refused a breathalyzer because he felt he ‘was being railroaded’ and he ‘didn’t trust the process.’ Ian felt very much the same and if the body cam footage has audio we’ll all hear Ian say as much.”

“Ian will have his day in court and will be vindicated,” Kush said. “The only question is will the government do everything in its power to delay Ian’s court date. I hope not.”

3 thoughts on “Ian Smith Campaign Wants Body Cam Video Released Immediately!

  1. It’s called Implied Consent Law. By accepting your driver’s license you also agree to the breathalyzer.

  2. At least he didn’t kill anyone this time.

  3. The timing seems off But Cinnaminson Police have been on the Ball for 10 years I Have Leaved Here I’d rather feel safe than sorry

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