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Questioning of Ridgewood planner coming to close


Questioning of Ridgewood planner coming to close

DECEMBER 19, 2014    LAST UPDATED: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2014, 12:31 AM

The Planning Board got a chance to question the village planner about multifamily housing this week.

The past few hearings have been devoted to resident questions about Village Planner Blais Brancheau’s testimony on multifamily housing, which discussed the benefits for Ridgewood as well as some factors of concern to residents.

In a four-hour hearing in Benjamin Franklin Middle School on Tuesday night, about 10 residents asked remaining questions, followed by queries from Planning Board members.

This hearing, during which several questions were raised, brought the Planning Board a step closer to the eventual end of the year-long proceedings. These hearings analyzed a proposed amendment to the master plan, available on the village website, that would allow high-density multifamily housing in three downtown zones.

The next hearing will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 6 in Ridgewood High School, said Planning Board Chairman Charles Nalbantian. Board questions will continue, followed by attorney cross-examination.

10 thoughts on “Questioning of Ridgewood planner coming to close

  1. Just one more question — When will my 2015 Village calendar arrive –?

  2. Why you in a rush Dom to see the Council’s pictures.

  3. Ridgewood is falling apart and the only think that Dom is worried about is his FREE Calendar.

  4. Anonymous:

    Ridgewood is falling apart and the only think that Dom is worried about is his FREE Calendar.

  5. The Village calendar is the “Great Connecter” of Village activities — happenings — and other information for our residents — Perhaps, more than we get from our Blog here.

    Merry XMAs — my first card this year came from a Local Attorney — How many advertise here ? Check it out.

  6. I already said that Dom. Why do you keep reposting it. Heres and idea why don’t you call your friend Mayor Paul and ask him where your FREE calendar is.. Why ask on this blog?

  7. Well instead of post here on the blog DOM just sit down and read your FREE calendar all day. Im sure by the time you get to Dec. 2015 you will have forgotten what you read in Jan. This way you can start all over again because in your mind it will all be new.

  8. Outside of Dom is this all others posting on this site ever have anything nice to say to are you all miserable?

  9. DOM bring out the best in us posters. Why should he be the only miserable person on this blog

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