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Readers Question Missing Lamp Post Christmas Decorations


Readers Question Missing Lamp Post Christmas Decorations 
Ridgewood NJ, Readers all agree on one thing this holiday season , they all love the Village Christmas tree  ,but many have noticed something missing from the holiday decorations in the Central Business District , the Christmas lights hung from the lamp posts throughout the down town.
Speculation has run rampant as to the whereabouts of the Christmas balls so nice hung from Village lamp posts year after year . What gives ,where are they , and why none?
Some have mentioned budget constraints , or technical difficulties , but insiders in the Village hall wont confirm .

Readers say ,”As I have posted 0 %tax increase = No Lamp posted Decoration. I really don’t know. signal usually puts them up and they can’t be that busy because they didn’t put the light on the tree this year Downs did. So I guess they are trying to scale down.  ”


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17 thoughts on “Readers Question Missing Lamp Post Christmas Decorations

  1. They thought no one would notice.

  2. Maybe our Mayor will address this in his Ridgewood News column

  3. Details not explained by the Mayor — perhaps, you check your problem out with the Village Manager —
    The answer probably would be costs, labor, and volunteers.
    What have our readers here contributed in time and money.

  4. Yes Dom. %0 tax increase = cut back on Holiday Decoration.

  5. Hey Dom maybe the Village Calendar was chopped because of costs, labor, and volunteers.

  6. “What have our readers here contributed in time and money.”
    The big question Dom is . What have you contributed in time and money other then to piss and moan about Graydon

  7. do I sense and anti Christmas bias????

  8. Sure do 7…..we can set up a menorah but can’t set up the Xmas decorations?

  9. thats bull shit on the cut backs. some one don’t have a back bone to say why.

  10. I think a Nativity Scene up in the park would be nice and by all means anything else the a religious group wishes to put up there would be good. Let celebrate all the faiths in Ridgewood.

  11. they have the money. more and more bull shit.

  12. Again with the bull shit #10. Try to upgrade your vocabulary

  13. Project Pride did not have enough volunteers. The town doesn’t do it.

  14. The town hangs the baskets not project pride. What about all those senior citizen lunches that Gynn has. The baskets could have been spruced up there and then as usuals hung by the town .

  15. No problem hanging the banners from the light poles like Valley Hospital. ” enough volunteers” thats a good one. Boys Scouts, Girls Scouts many other groups but did the town ask NO. Just let it fade away . OUT WITH THE OLD.

  16. Why doesn’t the Mayor call a meeting on Civility and Christmas Hanging Baskets. We could sit around and work on the baskets while be ciivil to one another. The Mayor could call his friend Chris Harris at the record for a photo and a story how he brought residents together and then post on his official blog. Its called multitasking

  17. Call the mayor and ask him about it. Oh no, wait, you can’t call him. He is in the electronic-free zone, the meditation room on Cottage Place with Brother Al. He is currently unreachable.

    On the other hand, you could call him during the next public meeting, because he does take calls and texts in flagrant disregard of the Open Public Meetings Act.

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