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Quick Action by Firefighters Results in Minimal Damage in Ho Ho Kus House Fire

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photos courtesy of Ashley Pattman

the Staff of the Ridgwood Blog

Ho-Ho- Kus NJ , Yesterday at approximately 12:00 the Ho-Ho- Kus Fire Department was alerted to a home on Spruce Place for a report of smoke emanating from the first floor of the residence.
Initial reports from Police and Fire units confirmed a heavy smoke condition in the basement.

Car 730 requested an additional engine and truck company as well as a Firefighter Assist and Search Team (F.A.S.T.) to the scene. Upon arrival, Engine 733 stretched an attack line through the front door of the residence, Truck 7 placed their aerial device in service, and Engine 731 assisted 733 in establishing a water supply as well as securing electric and gas utilities.

Members located a heating unit within a confined basement crawl space on fire. Flames were observed impinging on floor joists and insulation.Members placed a 1 3/4” line in service, quickly extinguishing the fire which was moments away from extending to the floor above. Due to the quick action of our firefighters, the fire was contained to the unit of origin resulting in minimal damage.
The following agencies who provided assistance on scene,  Ho-Ho-Kus Police Department ,  Ho-Ho-Kus Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Ramsey Fire Department and  Waldwick NJ Volunteer Fire Department.


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10 thoughts on “Quick Action by Firefighters Results in Minimal Damage in Ho Ho Kus House Fire

  1. All volunteers….how about that.

  2. The volunteers get the job done. Unlike Bagelicious.

  3. We no it don’t look good.

  4. And Bagelicious is a classic example…compare these to fires and the ultimate outcome. Ridgewood paid FT Fire Fighters and the common volunteers , our neighbors who train and get the job done. WTF is wrong here? How did we get trapped in this union bullshit that simple had no end until Covid 19. Now, the ugly truth shines. Parties over pals.
    Your done along with your 100k pensions. You always banked on the assumption that states can’t go bankrupt…guess what ? W R O N G ….

  5. How does big towns like Paramus in Fairlawn do it and they have no paid departments. They are all volunteer. This is interesting we think the shit is going to hit the fan real soon with this. We know in the village of Ridgewood that the fire departments very well protected from political parties.

  6. apparently someone didn’t pass the test and has a hard-on for the RFD. I’m happy to pay my taxes here for the quick response. If you want to save tax dollars, fix the bloated school budget that is 2/3 of my tax bill. the rest is a bargain

  7. The poster praising Volunteers has himself NEVER been a volunteer. He just wants to save a few $$$$ on the property taxes on his rental property so he can make more money. And to compare the fire in the historic business district to a fire in a single family home shows his ignorance and stupidity. That’s like comparing a BB gun to a .45 caliber hand gun.

  8. Paramus and Fairlawn have a lot more blue collar types who are living in town.
    We can’t even staff a volunteer ambulance during the day.
    So its delusional to think there would ever be a sufficient number of volunteers who can commit the time to attend the training required at the academy, and then be available to show up for a fire.
    Don’t forget, your homeowners insurance policy costs less for a town with paid professionals.
    Response time is key. The time it takes for a volunteer to get to the station, suit up and drive to a fire has to be at least 10-15 minutes. That’s assuming they don’t cause a car accident rushing to the fire house. I see a poster whining about the bagel store fire, but do we have an official report on the cause of it? If it started in a vacant store and wasn’t reported until it took over the whole building how the hell can you blame the fire dept? They don’t MONITOR buildings, they simply respond when called.

  9. OK I get it, you don’t want to pay for a Professional Fire Department. That’s your choice, but not mine. If this bothers you so much move. Like someone said Paramus and Fairlawn are nice towns. I suggest you move to one of those towns.

  10. A fascist PIG🐷 said. ….
    Parties over pals.
    Your done along with your 100k pensions. You always banked on the assumption that states can’t go bankrupt…guess what ? W R O N G ….

    This Fascist 🐷 PIG thinks he should decide what people should earn and do for a living.

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