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Ramon M. Hache announces candidacy for Ridgewood Village Council

Ramon Hache ridgewood NJ

March 9th 2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

RIDGEWOOD, N.J.–  Ramon M. Hache, 41, is certified to run for one of the three open seats on the Ridgewood Village Council in this May 10th municipal election. Hache, a father of three, sees a need for responsible, balanced leadership to propel Ridgewood forward while respecting its residents.

“I see Ridgewood standing at the crossroads of progress and tradition, and I know that a lot of big decisions will have to be made in the next few years,” Hache said. “I want to make sure that the town is guided through those decisions in a responsible way. To me this next election will provide an important reset for the town.”

Some of the big issues Ridgewood is facing in the future will be a continued push for multi-familyhousing, Valley Hospital, safety surrounding schools and the cost of maintaining and enhancing our athletic fields and parks.

Although the Master Plan was recently updated, Hache feels that it is important to revisit thisdocument, which should provide a detailed roadmap to the future and offer guidelines for smart development.

A 1991 graduate of Ridgewood High School, Hache was raised in the Village, and he is currently SeniorVice President at Permal Group, one of the largest hedge fund investors in the world.

Hache’s volunteerism includes being the treasurer for the Ridgewood High School Football Scholarship Committee, a Ridgewood Soccer Association coach, a member of the Knights of Columbus and an active member, lector and Eucharistic minister at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

To contact Ramon Hache: 201-960-4977,, or visit

31 thoughts on “Ramon M. Hache announces candidacy for Ridgewood Village Council

  1. A sports dad who wants to “revisist” the Master Plan? I’m not saying he won’t get my vote; I am willing to listen but I will be listening very, very carefully.

  2. Where does he stand on schedler 90 foot field?

  3. who cares, as long as we send the three shit heads out of village hall. then we can clean house from the manager down. you know who is next. right. yes yes yes.

  4. Knights of Columbus, OLMC . . . opposed to the mega-garage?

  5. Sports Dad…?

    No tiene verguenza !!

  6. Never going to happen. He’s pretty but that’s about it.

  7. Sí , papá de los deportes . . . Ridgewood High School Football Scholarship Committee and RSA coach. Me gustaría saber sus posiciones en el espacio abierto , el desarrollo Schedler , etc. Estos son asuntos importantes.

  8. Very interesting comments and questions. I’m more than happy to talk and discuss any relevant issues. Please feel free to call me: 201-960-4977

  9. 9:19. That is an unintelligent remark

  10. Dam PJ Im going to have to brush up on my Spanish if this keep up.

  11. There is no one that I agree with 100% of the time – ask my family.

    I think that there are three candidates that i can vote for. They do not need to vote in lock step as the current councol, having differing views will bring a better discussion..

    The two financial advisory committee rubber stamp candidates are unacceptable.
    They have been a part of the campaign to build the biggest garage. They endorsed the project in Letters to the Editor and in full page ads.

    Gwenn is Gwenn

    Brooks is best friends with Paul Vaggianos

  12. Ramon – why don’t you tell all of us – what is your position on Schedler? Why call you and discuss one on one?

  13. 8:46 bang on. Probably won’t get a straight answer. He’s a politician now.

  14. Brooks is the hope of the Sports Dads / Recreation fanatics. Same with Ramon apparently.

    Sports are out of control in North Jersey….

  15. Ramon Hache is…the NEW…most interesting man in the world. Stay thirsty, my friends….

  16. Sports are out of control in the world !

  17. His opinion can be what he wants it to be. Schedler is still a bio dump. Haven’t you heard? Encouraging the liberal decomposition of snapped-off tree branches and heaps of old leaves to provide a sufficient supply of insects to allow transient pink-tufted barn warblers to gorge themselves and fatten their chicks is the new top priority of the Village Council. The heck with actual people. Sell Schedler to the highest-bidding tree hugger and let’s move on to more important things.

  18. His announcer voice is so mellifluous, Ridgewood’s black bear population spikes during football season.

  19. Unwary HILT ladies have been observed falling into a ravished trance, simply by gazing too long at his office headshot. He is the most interesting man in the world.

  20. You all are unreal…give him a chance. He seems to be thoughtful and someone who wants a full plan for the village in place that makes sense for now and the future. I don’t want the huge garage, nor do I want 35 units an acre. Frankly schedler is less obvious and that neighborhood did nothing (aside from a few) to rally against the garage so I hope they don’t expect much crossover support… Ramon doesn’t have to agree with everyone on everything to still be 100% better than the dirty politicians leaving.

  21. What happened to EF Hutton…?

    I thought he was going to save us from ourselves…

  22. Hutton must not have gotten enough signatures on his petition, or changed his mind on running. Who knows.

  23. I hear Hutton could only get one petition sign .

  24. I hear Albert did not get enough petitions either.

  25. Why have Ridgewood residents become so harsh in their comments toward people who are trying to do a good job for the Village. Most are not even open to listening to opposing views and shut their minds to anything they might not totally agree with. This has made the community so contentious over seemingly every single issue. Very sad state of affairs.

  26. good. time for all new.

  27. Warren, if you are referring to the way the current trio are being treated they brought it on themselves. They have shown themselves to be petty, horrible stewards for this town. No idea why people are being harsh to Ramon on this thread though… t

  28. Are you kidding me Warren the three Council people that you openly support screw this town and people in Ridgewood
    and they have come to trust no one. Which ones are you backing in the upcoming election so we know not to vote for them.

  29. Thank you Ramon for stepping up to fill one of the empty seats on the council. Your willingness to serve is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing your stand on the issues as we move forward toward election day.

  30. Yes Ramon, don’t take the bait of the concern trolls and take offense at a little ribbing. Not that you or any normal person would, it’s just that the “civility” stormtroopers are seemingly always on the march in Ridgewood and what they hate the most is a popular blog that permits anonymous commenting. This is a blind hatred mind you. It should fade when legitimate views are exchanged but for some reason it remains white hot all the time.

  31. Thank you Ramon for running for Council. You seem like a reasonable man who cannot be bought. Much appreciated

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