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RBSA Email :This was widely distributed on or shortly before April 15, 2014.


RBSA Email :This was widely distributed on or shortly before April 15, 2014.

Subject: Albano For Council!

Ladies & Gents of the RBSA and Friends,

As you know, Jim is running for Village Council. While he is not just the “sports candidate”, the issue of the badly needed 90′ field, along with an all purpose field (read: soccer & lax) at Schedler is certainly a timely issue here.

(In case anyone is wondering, like the other two candidates, Jim is opposed to the three high density housing projects before the Planning Board. He realizes however, that the vacant lots of long gone businesses neither benefit nor beautify the Village and is seeking sensible development, that enhances, rather than detracts from our quality of life.

Similarly, he feels the current Valley Hospital expansion proposal, like the one before it, is far too intrusive to the neighborhood and our community as a whole. He recognizes the need for a hospital to stay current and calls on Valley to withdraw the current plan and make more of a good faith effort to work with the community to find a plan that works for all.

If you have any specific questions you’d like Jim to address, he is always available.)

The key to winning is always getting your supporters to the polls. With a paltry 20-22% turnout (maybe less) expected on May 13, that will be even more true in this election. We need to get the youth sports community energized and involved, spearheaded by the largest youth organization in town, the friends and families of the RBSA!

I’m asking two things: will you please take an Albano lawn sign? And, would you be willing to be part of a committee that will coordinate our get out the vote effort? This will involve networking, making lists, sending emails and maybe making a few election day phone calls. The anti-sports forces are mobilizing, so this is crucial!

Please let me know – lawn sign and/or committee? Election is 4 weeks from today, so it’s a short sprint. Time to rock & roll. Thanks for anything you can do.


Please note new email:

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14 thoughts on “RBSA Email :This was widely distributed on or shortly before April 15, 2014.

  1. Jim is “always available”….except, we have learned, when it is time to vote in local elections….

    I actually like the mayor and would want to support his choice but I just can’t pull the lever for someone who doesn’t bother to vote.

    I am also a bit turned off by the whole astroturf the world thing. Enough already. So they play on grass and dirt. At least it produces oxygen and helps cool the earth instead of being just more pavement.

  2. Jim is always available……except he said he works 12 hour days and is too busy to go to a lot of meetings.

  3. Despicable…..but can’t say I’m surprised.

    Why does Gary have a lifetime appointment to be the Softball Czar in town ?

    How much money does he make with the summer camp…??

  4. Watched the debate on ustream and not sure why the RBSA tax issue was raised but Jim was prepared with his answer “lawyer is looking into it” not a great response. Why did the RBSA fail to file tax returns for so many years and where does all the money go? Is it possible the “volunteers” are drawing salaries? Why did Jim become so defensive? Is this how he’ll treat the public if he doesn’t like the question?

    Interesting he was prepared for the RBSA tax question but not for his voting record in municipal elections. Acting confused over presidential and municipal. He had to know he never voted in Mayl. Not sure this was important but he misled then lied and so now it’s important.

    Misleading the people is serious. Are we being misled by Jim about his reason for running. This RBSA endorsement of Jim is clear he’s the sports candidate. As a parent with two kids in the RBSA program I am interested in their accounting practices. Everyone giving money to the RBSA should request to see the books.

  5. #4 – not sure when this happened but the old commissioner was arrested for embezzling $80K. This was 1991 or 1992.

    So, yeah, your point is valid.

    They should know better.

    100% transparency should’ve been required over the last 20+ years.

  6. #5 You should be very careful about your accusations….

  7. Nice blog you got here James, I hope you have been paying State and Federal income taxes on the income you get from this blog. If not it may be a bit difficult to keep it going from jail…..I think I am going to have to find out if you have been paying your “fair” share.

    1. lol…. come out of the closet first

  8. How about I knock on your door at 144c2?

  9. what brand do you drink?

    1. I like to mix Bass and Guinness home made black and tan but Yuengling black and tan will do in the pinch

  10. This isn’t the town I moved into in 1971.

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