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Reader asks what if the Valley expansion goes through and Valley shuts its’ doors a few years later just like Pascack did


Valley Rendering by Z. Putnins and C. Benson

Reader asks what if the Valley expansion goes through and Valley shuts its’ doors a few years later just like Pascack did.

I attended my first Valley meeting the other night and two things really struck me between the eyes: 1.) the utter contempt Valley has for the neighbors and the Village, in general and. 2.) the assumption of Valley that this is a done deal. Theyseem to see the proceedings as an annoying formality.

I cannot fathom how anyone could make a decision, going forward, on this project as there are no specifics on Phase 1 and no details at all on Phase 2. To approve Phase 1 without knowing what Phase 2 is is shortsighted and dangerous.

And I was left wondering, what if the Valley expansion goes through and Valley shuts its’ doors a few years later just like Pascack did. We are left with a monstrosity that has forever changed our Village with none of the benefits Valley tells us this will give us. I can’t see any benefit to the Village from this.

15 thoughts on “Reader asks what if the Valley expansion goes through and Valley shuts its’ doors a few years later just like Pascack did

  1. The chances of Valley closing are zero to nil.

  2. I can’t believe this crazy thought actually made it to the front page of this blog.

  3. Well, who ever thought Pascack would shut its’ doors after it spent money for expansion and modernization?

    Please explain why Valley closing are zero to nil in the future.

  4. Valley’s financial failure is not too far fetched. Their continuing to insist on a project of this scope has prolonged their process becoming more competitive with other hospitals in the area. They have already missed windows of opportunity to keep pace with Hackensack and are now clearly playing catch up.

    Also, the idea that Valley plans to spend $750 million to double in size and not add any beds would be concerning to me if I were an insider. How do they plan to recoup this investment? Outpatient services? (Hope the traffic “experts” consider this). What if people decide that Hackensack is a better hospital and choose to have their procedures done there? It’s just a couple miles down the road and this market may not support two huge institutions that offer similar services.

    Let’s hope that our public officials aren’t naive enough to think that Valley is too big to fail.

  5. Pascack was a poorly run hospital before there expansion which was just an act of desperation and stayed bad until they went bankrupt.

  6. Very valid point. How exactly will this enormous capital cost be recouped? Where will medical care facilities be in 20 years? Will facilities like the one proposed still be relevant, let alone cutting edge? If it’s such an obvious point, let’s see the business model.

  7. “Negative pressures on growth include Federal cuts to medical spending and limited reimbursement increases from insurers. In addition, tepid economic growth and elevated unemployment will dampen demand for healthcare, says Moody’s in the report “US Not-for-Profit Healthcare Outlook Remains Negative for 2013.”

    “Other positive trends include the strategic decisions hospital boards and management teams have taken to engage in mergers, affiliations, and other forms of collaboration with various market participants. These have often improved operating performance over time.”

    They can merge with another hospital. Look around NJ, it is happening all the time.

  8. They are already affiliated with Columbia (N.Y.). Are they profitable ?

    1. An affiliation is different than a merger. In the merger the stronger organization will take over. Hospitals will merge to compete better, it’s just business.

  9. Fact is, if I get sick, I’m heading through the tunnel to NYC. Valley is NOT in the picture. Sorry.

  10. Go to a HUMC Pascack meeting. There is one coming up. Listen how sensitive and thoughtful they are and then listen to Valley lawyers hammer the people of Ridgewood.

  11. The fact is that Hackensack is a better hospital at this point. Valley missed their chance to modernize within their existing footprint when they decided to try to force an over expansion down the neighborhood’s throat. They thought that they could sneak their plan through before anyone noticed and that has turned out to be a terrible miscalculation.

    They also lost a huge battle with HUMC when Pascack was allowed to re-open. Valley themselves argued that the region can’t support another hospital yet they continue to insist on their own massive expansion even with Pascack coming back.

    Apart from not making sense for Ridgewood, Valley’s plans don’t even seem to make economic sense for Valley. The original question in this thread is quite valid.

  12. Fact is, they missed it long before that. Tough playing catch-up in any game…

  13. They will also need a return on investment. They are not spending all this money to be better, they need payback.

  14. Valley was always a good, but never a great hospital.

    Money sunk into the maternity ward was well spent.

    If I have a trauma or life threatening event, I’ll risk heading to the superior care at HUMC.

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