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Reader asks Why is Valley given years to fight for over expansion?

Reader asks Why is Valley given years to fight for over expansion?

Why is Valley given years to fight for over expansion? Can no one in this town grow a set and just say NO?

Fact: Valley, has plenty of room to expand they just have not been told to do so at their Paramus location. Happens to be a much better option! Not next to a school, ruining generations of classes there. Wake up Planning Board and Council!

Main Fact: Ridgewood as a whole will suffer? Valley pays no taxes, every taxpayer in town will now have to pay for the extra services (more police, more fireman) needed to support this over expansion. Wake up everyone in Ridgewood…Valley should expand in Paramus, sure you can update within your Ridgewood address. Please GO AWAY VALLEY. I said Please!


7 thoughts on “Reader asks Why is Valley given years to fight for over expansion?

  1. Much as I agree with this post, I’m also realistic about the ties that Valley has to Ridgewood’s public officials. They have a long time associate on the Village Council in Ms. Hauck who ran for office for the sole purpose of voting yes on the Valley expansion. They have a sympathetic attorney on the Planning Board in Ms. Price that has set an absurd schedule that allows Valley’s “experts” to testify without having to questions from the public until weeks later.

    Bad as Valley’s plans are for Ridgewood, don’t underestimate their ability to get their way. Valley’s opponents still have a massive uphill battle and should go to all of the meetings and demand accountability from any public official that supports this expansion.

  2. Well said. They have the influence and the money to wear down
    the opponents.

  3. What’s really unfortunate is that even the supporters cannot come up with enough positives to outweigh the negatives. Relatively small towns like Ridgewood can’t adequately support projects like this without severely taxing the residents. And after raising taxes they will cut back on services.

    I would love to see one supporter make a legitimate case for how this expansion will help the majority of residents in this town. Just one !!!

  4. Wake up Ridgewood! This absurd expansion will happen unless Ridgewood residents wake up, do the research, and fight back. We can prevent Valley from railroading us, and stop unlimited growth in our village!

  5. Hauck must recuse herself or face serious public and legal anger.

  6. Only legal ACTION will have an effect.

  7. Really, can we make them wait 10 years to file again? They are wasting a lot of time and money.

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