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Reader claims amazing bandwidth found everywhere will make NJ unattractive to do business


“with amazing bandwidth found everywhere, why stay? staff are fleeing NYC and NJ in mass numbers. The 12billion in debt will make NJ unattractive for 12 years. parkway taxes up. cigarette taxes. gas taxes, real estate tax. no incentives to move to nj. murphy is murdering NJ one tax at a time. wall street companies are very clear they are there to be profitable. so if its not attractive economically, and good staff are fine moving, why stay? its just a building and a bunch of dedicated T3s and other connectivity. easy move.”

9 thoughts on “Reader claims amazing bandwidth found everywhere will make NJ unattractive to do business

  1. Is it true….I heard NYSE is planing to leave Mahwah?

  2. The economic decline in liberal-controlled States and Cities is something that the wealthier liberals just can’t seem to comprehend. They are so caught up in the clever narratives that they are supporting diversity, caring for the under-served, and that they are just somehow smarter. Your media is manipulating your brains and you vote for these charlatans.

  3. If people are leaving the trip-state area in droves then why does the population remain the same? Hearing this nonsense you would think there would only be ghost towns.

    1. Ridgewood Used to have 28-29,000 not its 24-25,000 and the state lost a congressional seat last census and most predict one more this time

  4. Immigrants gradually replacing retirees and young professionals. I’m not concerned about net NJ population. More about wealth. When wealth leave the state (I.E. poorer ppl displace wealthier ones), it’s a problem.

    Not worried about bandwidth. Professionals want to live next to each other. Towns need to fight for them. As long as critical mass of professionals stay here, we’ll be fine. NJ geographically well situated. Historically it’s also well placed. We just need to replace our moronic liberal leadership with conservatives who focus on jobs, roads and schools, and NJ will do well.

  5. Wealthy people leave, poor people take their place. Who’s going to pay the taxes?!?!?

  6. The population may stay the same, but when it comes to taxes, their are givers and there are takers. The givers are declining but are being replaced by takers.

  7. Roads are crap esp state roads are shambles

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