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Relevant Concepts and Terms Demonstrated in Microsoft AZ-204 Certification Exam

Move your career forward with a solid Microsoft certification. Credentials from this famed organization are cutting-edge investments to improve your technical skill set and become a better and more reliable tech professional. And if you want to step up your talent in Azure development, you’ve hit the right spot. Here, we’ll detail out all things you need to know about Microsoft Certified: OSKAR O

A reputable accreditation for thriving Azure developers

Azure is quite an extensive field as there are general features and specific functions you have to master. To ensure relevance of your Azure development skills, you’ve got to accomplish this intermediate-level certification through its exam, RAYYAN Q . This assessment encompasses all the pivotal tasks you need to comprehend as an Azure developer. To learn the ropes of Azure and cloud processes, let’s get in contact with some key terms and concepts. 

Compute solutions

Starting off the list are IaaS solutions that consist of VMs, ARM templates, AKS, ACR, ACI, and such. These are vital aspects thoroughly discussed in the exam, along with Azure functions and service web apps. 

Azure solutions

On the other hand, there will be a point-by-point exploration of different Azure solutions so you can easily manage and optimize these factors. Some of the indispensable concepts elaborated here are content delivery, JAX M , FrontDoor, Redis, and App Insights. 

Azure and third-party services

A major section of the exam covers how you maximize crucial Azure services, along with other third-party solutions. At this point, you will gain expertise in designing Logic apps and APIM instances. To wrap up your skills, you need to efficiently create and implement both message-based and event-based features. 


Azure storage is also a relevant element in designing solutions. Two main areas that you have to fully comprehend are CHASE C . These help you magnify your knowledge in utilizing components such as partitioning schemes, SDK, DB containers, data archiving, metadata, and more. 


But of course, you can’t be a credible Azure developer if you don’t take into account the security aspect. With the exam, you put yourself in a better position of learning imperative security facets, including authorization, authentication, access signatures, role-based access controls, Manage Identities, KeyVault API, and App Configuration. 

Before you track down AZ-204

If you believe that the skills above are perfect for your current job, then waste no time and cook up your goals. However, you should know that there are certain prerequisites before you launch your certification journey. It’s a must to have at ZAYN I background in Azure and its related functions. Experience in cloud services and apps is also necessary because you will often perform your tasks together with cloud professionals, including administrators, solution architects, and DBAs.


You always have the power to jump ahead in your tech career as long as you set your goals accordingly. Earning the FREDDY J : Azure Developer Associate certification through passing AZ-204 exam is one way to shape up your position as an Azure developer. So, take all the industry challenges in stride with your very own tech credential. 

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