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>Reader Comments on BOE Race

>Laurie Goodman refers to the extremists. Guess what, that’s you, because you secretly read “that blog.”

Currently there are a few HSA Presidents who continue to speak about how Sheila is experienced and has done a great job. A few of them have held private little coffees for Ms. Brogan. HSA Presidents say those upstarts who are running are stupid, emotional and rude.

So before you vote, look at our BOE track record.

-They approved curriculum in our middle schools that eliminated a math textbook(CMP2).
-They did not use purchasing power when dealing with curriculum companies when they allowed each elementary school to purchase whatever materials they wanted.
-They did not require all schools that feed into the same middle school to use the a standard curricula.
-They eliminated the Gifted(Potentials) program, which shows their overall disregard for our brightest children.
-They instituted a policy to hire young inexperienced teachers to save money, thereby changing the balance of experienced to inexperienced teachers in the schools.
-They approved “authentic assessment” in our high school which allowed teachers to improvise midterms and finals and thereby eliminated content standards across classes.
-They implemented a sole communication method, eNews email, which only reaches 1/3 of parent population.

If Ms. Brogan and Ms. Goodman are elected, the following will be implemented.

-The policy of group work will continue and the constructivist method will still be the primary method used in our schools.
-Reform math will be brought into the high school so the 8th graders using CMP2 can continue learning from a constructivist based program.
-Authentic assessment will remain; standardized departmental tests will be eliminated.
-The average teacher age in the district will go down.
-Your taxes will rise when the BOE asks for the maximum 4% budget increase every year.
-The HSA will need to fund raise even more for the fields, sports teams and playgrounds because the school will not allocate money toward those areas.
-The number of kids going to private schools will increase, depleting the school system of some very talented kids.

You may think, I must vote for Sheila, I went to this coffee and they all said they were voting for Sheila and Laurie.

Remember, you can say you voted for Shelia and Laurie, but vote for Sarah Kate and Greg.

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