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Reader : Disaster Thy Name is SCHEDLER!”


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“The average value of a house in Ridgewood is far below what the Council wants to spend on Schedler. I guess the “Council”–who definitely do not listen to “Counsel” feel if they break the remediation (?) Rebuilding into smaller parts people won’t notice that the total cost will be close to, if not over, a million dollars! It has no use–certainly not for the occupants of the greater part of Ridgewood as “You can’t get here from there”–high speed exit from RT 17N with an exit from the parking lot almost on top of it. W. Saddle River Road is extremely narrow, not even wide enough to be legally divided into 2 directions and when RT 17N is blocked by an accident further north–frequently- masses of cars exit from 17 onto it to escape the traffic jams and we residents can barely get onto it without extreme danger of being hit. That is a perfect thing to happen while cars with little kids are being dropped off at the driveway or their parents are trying to get out of the driveway.
Disaster Thy Name is SCHEDLER!”

10 thoughts on “Reader : Disaster Thy Name is SCHEDLER!”

  1. This place should be called the money pit. We should do a story on this maybe episodes. Millions and carbon millions will be dumped at this location, and it will never end because someone will have to maintain it. And the village does not have the staff to do the maintenance. Unless they start hiring again. They have zip.

  2. How much are they spending on the Money Pit?
    Tom Hanks and Shelley Long want to know.

  3. What a waste of money. Spend the money on paving roads. Who’s going to do the maintenance .

  4. The post is in correct. We paid 2.7 million for Schedler and !.6 million of that amount came out of Green Acre Funds. We have barely spent any money since that purchase but we applied and received matching grants. People might be interested that the town paid 7.4 million dollars for the Habernickle property. This was no gift to the village. We paid top dollar. We should have named it The Village Park.

  5. Knock it down and build a GINORMOUS GARAGE so its guaranteed to NOT be a DISASTER !!!

  6. Sounds like Douchebag Voigt is posting here anonymously. Of course. EVeryone needs to calm down about Schedler. It is going to be beautiful. Remember how everyone hated Habernickel? Now it is a wonderful park. Well, except for health barn.

  7. So what you are saying is that it’s OK because it was Grant money. Or/other government money. In the end we are still paying for it do you have your head up your ass. Still coming from taxes so stupid to sleep I do not know the system. And guess what when you take all that great mommy guess what the property is not just open to village of Ridgewood residence it’s open to everybody. So get ready for a shit show. Don’t cry to me when you see all the undesirables so I am making a mass oh yeah. It’s going to look like you know what.

  8. I never call the former Habernickle property by that name. I agree. It was not a gift and our park should not bear that name.

    There should be a sign out front and all Village materials should refer to it by its proper name – whatever that is. Upper Ridgewood Field. Hilcrest Field. Village Field

    Habernickle field is just wrong.

  9. So very true, we are going to see a sworn of dirt hanging around.

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