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Reader says “arming teachers” is a liberal talking point attempting to advance a FALSE NARRATIVE

Maryland School Resource Officer Blaine Gaskill

photo Maryland School Resource Officer Blaine Gaskill

“arming teachers” is a liberal talking point attempting to advance a FALSE NARRATIVE that all teachers will be issued guns as standard practice without any training and who will keep wear these weapons as side arms or keep them on their desks similar to other school supplies..
“arming teachers” is actually ALLOWING teachers or other on-site school personnel WHO ALREADY are qualified, responsible and trained gun owners who will receive additional training as needed and/or fully training and qualifying personnel (who MAY be classroom teachers or school personnel) to become qualified to handle weapons in an emergency situation.
You know… like the armed security guards and police officers were trained.
You are just selling a disingenuous narrative to divert attention from the fact that armed onsite personnel IS EFFECTIVE in STOPPING SCHOOL GUN VIOLENCE AND SAVING STUDENTS LIVES.
Your position is not helping children. It is allowing children to be murdered.
But you also know this.

16 thoughts on “Reader says “arming teachers” is a liberal talking point attempting to advance a FALSE NARRATIVE

  1. Only in the United States -a country where the NRA has perverted the 2nd amendment into a marketing tool – could the idea of arming ‘qualified, trained ‘ teachers be considered a good idea.

    1. I guess you have never been to Israel or Switzerland

  2. We should promote AOGQT awareness and acceptance.

  3. Now that’s a false narrative.

  4. Arm

  5. So James, since you’ve been to Switzerland are teachers really armed there? So curious.

    1. I believe in Switzerland it is mandatory for everyone to own a gun

  6. The liberal brainwashing our kids receive from day one in kindergarten pales in comparison to the alleged ‘marketing tool’ you say the NRA pushes, 721. The lack of respect, morals and compassion in the public school system is manufacturing broken children at an alarming rate. It’s up to us parents to offset government’s institutional programming from K-12.

  7. I think it should be illegal for a 17 year old to have a handgun. Let’s make that illegal so it never happens.

    1. funny you should say that you have to be 21 in Maryland to buy a handgun

  8. James – that’s incorrect! If you want to make an argument for gun ownership you should make it with facts and not the narrative that the NRA feeds you.

    1. Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world, with 45.7 guns per 100 residents (ranking below only the United States, Serbia, and Yemen in this measurement). Gun Ownership in Switzerland (SNOPES )

      Switzerland thus has a relatively high gun ownership rate. There are no official statistics, and estimates vary considerably. The Small Arms Survey of 2016 placed Swiss gun ownership per capita at 24.45%.[5]
      In 2016, the defense ministry estimated that 2 million privately owned guns are in circulation, which given a population of 8.3 million corresponds to a gun ownership rate of around 24 guns per 100 residents.[6] This is roughly a quarter of the rate in the United States, and lower than that in the neighboring countries of Germany, and Austria, but about the double of Italy and France.[5] (WIKI)

      Switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world, but little gun-related street crime – so some opponents of gun control hail it as a place where firearms play a positive role in society. However, Swiss gun culture is unique, and guns are more tightly regulated than many assume. (BBC)

  9. What am I missing? A high percentage of gun ownership dies not equate to mandatory ownership.

  10. James, 4:33 here… I don’t understand. If a law was passed to outlaw a 17 year old from owning a gun how ever did he have a gun? He was breaking the law? What about the gun free school laws? Do you think he broke those too? How crazy is that?!? Why, if people keep breaking laws like that, how are we ever to keep our schools safe? I’m confused.

  11. The security of an average office building in midtown would eliminate this problem altogether. Controlled access. Students belongings potentially checked at a fixed number (not necessarily one) of entrances. Immediate benefit with a cost that is a drop in the $110m ocean. We can decide to do this tomorrow and make our kids safer in so many ways. Why won’t we?

  12. We should pass a law making it illegal to kill people.
    Problem solved!

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