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Reader Says Governor is killing, “the golden egg-laying goose of small business”

“The Fireplace’s reputation for quality and value was earned through decades of commitment and hard work. Work that obviously was not just about the money. And Murphy’s reward and recognition of this consists of a profound disrespect for Everyman and the thankless sweat he’s put in day in and day out to make a life for his family.

Despite Murphy’s feckless efforts to right the ship of state, he runs amok by emphasizing the wrong human and economic priorities. The Democrat loyalist lefties continue to feed at the public trough of plenty while small business is left to dangle on the precipice. Everyone knows that the success of our economy is driven by that of small business. When you tax them Into extinction and then close them down to enhance your own performance during a crises, that becomes obvious and similarly unforgivable.

New Jersey remains on fiscal thin ice as it has, habitually, for decades (Crispy Cream and HIS predecessors did no better). New Jersey and its dependent entities are likely viewed by the financial community as too big to fail. They’d be afraid to call in all the debts that NJ owes and is, realistically less likely to pay today than ever before.

So go ahead and kill the golden egg-laying goose of small business which has dutifully fed the beast all these decades. Makes perfect sense to me, a small business person.”

8 thoughts on “Reader Says Governor is killing, “the golden egg-laying goose of small business”

  1. The Gov gets his orders from the DNC. Marches/Anarchy = good. Re-opening business = bad. Trump not allowed to get his economy back.

  2. Commenter # 1 – I don’t disagree. The anti-Trump stuff will backfire. Again.

  3. I don’t believe Murphy gets his orders from the DNC. He’s perfectly capable of stupidity all by himself. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  4. Business at the fireplace had been way down prior to the pandemic. Every time I passEd by there I wondered how long that business could stay afloat. The parking lot was virtually empty anytime you passed. So they cannot blame it on Murphy.

  5. The land is worth a lot of money. Prime location

  6. I’ve been in business for 25 yrs . If I can’t close down for 3 months than I should not be in business. Any business that goes close to bk after 2 months was failing .dont blame your failure on Governor Murphy .He is doing a great job. He should of kept NJ closed another month, to play it safe .
    I’ve eaten at the fireplace, it’s nothing special for a fast food joint . Maybe it’s time to sell the property,

    1. I doubt you have a business 90 could put Apple out of Business

  7. Why didn’t they throw picnic tables out in the parking lot. It would have been cheap enough some umbrellas with tables. People would still come. Expecially now. People are looking to go out to eat now and everyone loves the fireplace. All they needed to do was ask for more support from patrons. We all grew up with the fireplace.

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