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Reader says Parents of the “Mob” could face “juicy lawsuits” with a “6 or 7-figure” settlement

“I recommend that parents of these protesters google CNN payout to Nick Sandman. It’s a big figure. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture a law abiding resident who gets into an argument with the kids… some of them act aggressive… a nuz outlet or Twitter outs the resident publicly… the Leftist mob smear the resident… the resident files a juicy lawsuits against the nuz outlet… and against the Ridgewood kids who were smearing him…
This is all fun and games, and material for college applications… until the slow wheels of justice finally club your kid with a 6 or 7-figure decision. And don’t think for a second this won’t happened to you because some a$$holes in DC or whatever got away with worse. Those a$$holes had no $. You do.”

9 thoughts on “Reader says Parents of the “Mob” could face “juicy lawsuits” with a “6 or 7-figure” settlement

  1. I’d also ask who’s behind this group?
    Who’s funding them?
    Where’s their organization coming from?

    They appear to be much too organized and aggressive for a bunch of kids who threw a group together a month ago.

    The PD should be investigating.

  2. “Who’s funding them?” Their parents who fund anything these kids do up to their 30 and sometime beyond that.

  3. Why blame the parents when these entitled kids get indoctrinated by the liberal educational system and leftist social media sites? Hardworking parents themselves do not support these activities! These “kids” need to learn that there are always consequences for every actions.

  4. The kids get indoctrinated at home first. It is parents who encourage them to follow “just” causes. Children need guidance from parents while they’re still at home and not away to college. Unfortunately insanity has infected many and just like a fashion it has become cool to scream BLM all day long. This town feels like a psych yard sometimes. Just read the local FB pages. Some are on a wokeness race.

  5. Ridgewood kids… protesting for their own demise.
    Now THAT’S what you get from a Ridgewood education now-a-days.

  6. The ignorant racists of Ridgewood whining away.

  7. I witnessed the RPD arrest of the young woman. They had already gently warned the kids against breaking any laws, such as obstructing a highway. The arrestee was using a megaphone to berate the PD and any law abiding citizen who would dare to come anywhere in the protester’s path.
    She then blocked a crossing, and was bellowing at drivers and refusing to accept Police instructions to move out of the crossing.
    The arresting officer checked with his commander before arresting the girl, who was still in the crosswalk and using her megaphone to agitate passers by.
    I thought the officers were far more tolerant than if the law breakers had been non-protestors.
    I then discovered I knew the arrestees parents. They came here from the Philippines to escape poverty, opression and corruption, and to make a better life for their family.
    They were accepted into the United States family, and worked hard thereafter. Using the very available social mobility here, they eventually came to Ridgewood to take advantage of the excellent schools, Police, township and quality of life. They were so proud when they moved into their current Ridgewood home, worth just south of $1 Million – the American Dream, one might say!
    Their daughter, the arrestee, born into poverty in the Philippines, took full advantage of the excellent school system, and racially integrated culture there. She graduated RHS with such excellent training that she was able l to go to NYU and gain a baccalaureate in the field of medicine.
    Not once has she offered to swap lives with anyone from Harlem or Paterson. Not once has she been active in community services for these less privileged people.
    Not once has either she, or her family ever experienced racism or police issues here in Ridgewood.
    Not a single time while at RHS did either she or her parents complain about the curriculum, diversity, or “whitewashing” of education while at RHS.
    How, then, did it come to pass that this wealthy, privileged immigrant from a hard working family, would become so aggressive in her misguided anger, and direct it towards her neighbors, school and police?
    Just who is behind the brainwashing of these kids, and what do they have to gain?

  8. I would like to know how this girl became so militant. Are web sites a factor? Did she meet personally with members of BLM or other such groups? I hope we can get to the bottom of this issue.

  9. What’s her name?
    We need to expose these people!

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