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Reader says , If you want free stuff because it’s “just,” I recommend you find somewhere else to go

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“Some of you guys in the comments are disgusting. You know nothing about black history or why people are protesting. Black people have been fighting for equality for over 400 years. Educate yourselves before you speak. Stop being Karen’s & Kens & pick up a damn history book. Black people have to work 10 times harder than a white man or woman just because we’re black. You’ll never understand but at least stand for what’s right. You people disgust me.
A young BLACK a woman”

“Kyla, you may find it surprising, but there are tens of thousands of highly successful black bankers, lawyers, doctors, media executives and other professionals just 30 min drive away. I’ve no idea if they worked 10x harder than some “white benchmark.” Even if they did, having somehow not benefited from affirmative action, what’s wrong with working harder? Jews done that for 2k years and it served them well. Immigrants from all over the world work their asses off in US and proud of it. Some hardly speak English. Some are on slave visa terms where they can’t switch jobs because their employer owns their visa. And that’s just professionals. What about all those Hispanics, whites, and immigrants of every shade who bust their asses building homes, picking up trash, working cash registers, etc etc? They just chill? If your complaint is that some people have harder lives than others… so what? On the other hand, if you’re a Marxist who wants free sh!t because it’s “just,” I recommend you find somewhere else to go. Ridgewood is a nice town for families and hard-working people. We don’t appreciate hustlers here.”

8 thoughts on “Reader says , If you want free stuff because it’s “just,” I recommend you find somewhere else to go

  1. The “damn” history books are written by left-leaning Marxist professors who take every opportunity to sow racial division and present only “data” and “facts” that suit their narrative. I know. I worked in the industry for years. Authors are resistant to suggestions (or outright refuse) to include alternative points of view. They indoctrinate. They want to alter the course of this country. More recently, standardized tests (such as the SATs and AP exams) have been changed to test for different facts and events in history so that they coincide with the need to teach the agenda presented in the texts. For example, AP history exams are slowly but surely scrubbing or minimizing questions on Western Civilizations like ancient Greece and Rome so they are covered less in class since teachers naturally focus on what is needed to score well on the test. It’s insidious and it’s happening.

    I prefer to judge everyone on their merits and nothing more. I’m not the least bit upset that blacks in the NBA are overrepresented given their % of the overall population. Whoever can do a job better gets the job. Let’s all stop being victims.

    1. already happened

  2. James, do you have examples to share? I’m genuinely curious as my kids just started elementary school. If there are indeed confirmed examples of indoctrination in Ridgewood school system, I’ll raise with Fishbein. This is not what I’m paying property taxes for.

  3. Thank you Mr. Oakley!

  4. @Anonymous – I’ll give you a few…

    1) The Public Speaking class in GW asks students to find topics to speak on by “listening to real media outlets like NPR”. Say what you want about what’s real and what’s not in the news, but nobody should be politicizing the learning of skill (Public Speaking) by steering them to a particular news outlet.

    2) A student that I know submitted an essay to his/her English teacher in one of the special Honors programs. One of the points made in the essay was that slavery was economically positive for the Southern states. The teacher’s comments instructed the student to present a more “balanced” interpretation and suggested several common lefty talking points. The student thought his/her grade was reduced because of the opinion. Again, politics aside, an English teacher should be commenting on the format and grammar of an essay or perhaps the way facts and opinions are stated and supported…not on it’s content. A student certainly should not lose credit on an assignment or be made to feel that they did something wrong because they don’t write something that fits into the teacher’s views.

  5. They know the sign says BLM! Pay Rwood Reparations, right? Maybe a little punctuation would be helpful there. I don’t think BLM owes Ridgewood anything…

  6. Let’s be honest. The left is taking over the country. Media, Schools, your thinking. BLM is a crock of crud that wants to grab money and power. Stop complaining and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Stand up for your rights before you have none.

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