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Reader says , “it is time to close ALL the Ridgewood schools”

“From my perspective, it is time to close ALL the Ridgewood schools, not just GWM, for in person learning even if only for a temporary period while the second wave of the virus crashes upon New Jersey . At the last public BOE meeting Monday evening , Fish and Lembo were self congratulating each other for having kept the Ridgewood schools open while they openly admitted every other surrounding towns/districts have taken more proactive actions to protect the children and staff of their schools by going remote for x days.”

“Today, two more cases, one at RHS and one at Orchard. It is implausible to believe that ALL 26 cases to date in the Ridgewood school system are unrelated and non school related as the Ridgewood Village Health contact person and the school admin currently state as there appears to be NO virus testing, other than a temperature swipe, of any student prior to entering any Ridgewood school building and it is a FACT an adult person and/or student can be asymptomatic and carry the virus unwittingly into a building to infect otherwise healthy individuals in the closed confines of the non HEPA filtrated classrooms of the Ridgewood public school system.
Just this afternoon, New York City has temporary paused in person learning and when opened up again soon , all students will be required to have passed a mandatory virus test in order to enter a school facility .
But here in Ridgewood we have a BOE which does not want to take the hard steps to ensure that all are safe by asserting the phrase “…..the schools are safe…..” while each and every day since last week more and more Ridgewood residents are getting infected.
Why is the BOE taking this stand? I don’t know but others have mentioned this is what lame duck Fishbein wants as does Mr. Lembo, who they say has a stake in this matter as he currently has a special education child currently being provided services within the school district and he would prefer these services to take place in the confines of a classroom. If this is truly the case, I sincerely sympathize with the situation as a family member of mine is also a special needs child , but the health and safety of all Ridgewood students should outweigh any potential personal rational to lobby to keep the schools open if the majority of signs point toward remote learning.
So for whatever the reasons and the reluctance by the BOE to take a more serious and sober look at current situation, this is no time to be self congratulating yourselves by saying that the Ridgewood Board of Education is keeping the school doors open.”

22 thoughts on “Reader says , “it is time to close ALL the Ridgewood schools”

  1. It’s time for panicking boomers to isolate themselves in their homes and let kids socialize and learn. Kids have endured enough this year. This madness has to stop.

  2. Of course it is.

    Wyckoff teachers Union is not happy. Notice was filed Monday night.

  3. What about the Sanitation recycling workers working on the refuge trucks. Has any of the health agencies inspect these trucks to Make sure that they are kept clean . We need to emphasize that these workers are touching everything from our homes and businesses. From our investigation most of them are filthy. Who’s in charge.

  4. 250,000 dead

  5. Yes the madness has to stop – so tell the people who are not washing hands, wearing masks, socializing/protesting/partying in groups and basically not following the protocols to end this thing – my god it is a real and contagious virus….this virus is not around to antagonize “kids”

  6. If people are that scared, keep your kids home and your mouth shut…no one will bother you about it. Many parents don’t share in the overbearing fears that the world is going to end, and believe in the protocols established by our administrators. They also find a tremendous amount of value in having the kids learn and interact in a traditional school setting. The Village Department of Health is also doing a fantastic job contact tracing, and following the CDC guidelines to make their determinations as to who needs to quarantine, and which schools are at risk based on their findings. Despite that, if someone still feels the boogie man is out to get them, remote accommodations are available so your child can log his attendance from the comfort of your underground bunker….

  7. There are no boogie men or boogie women in the Ridgewood public schools just kids and staff that are getting infected each and every day because there is no testing of anybody that walks into any of the buildings. Just read 4 more cases today announced today at the high school, middle school and at the elementary level. One does not have to keep one’s mouth shut or be scared but only needs to count to the number 30, a number that most first graders in the Ridgewood Public school system can do, to ascertain the total number of 30 positive cases, with a majority of those being clustered at RHS as well as a few more at BFM, both still open, and with no HEPA filters or partitions separating the “socially distanced” desks.
    Do any of the folks who post here realize that the virus is air born with droplets as small as .01 micro that can penetrate all the face masks that the children wear, unless some prudent parents equip their child with even better than N95 protection. I have been told now that the weather is colder and the windows are to be shut, the answer from the BOE is to open the classroom entry doors, thereby allowing these droplets to escape into the inner hallways where they will linger and scatter about the rest of the building.
    Ridgewood’s BOE answer, is that we clean and disinfect. Nice try but that does nothing to stop these air born droplets.
    I guess this might be a case of “Macho Man” mentality here in Ridgewood since my Patch newsfeed just pointed out that the entire Ramapo Indian Hills district just went remote to join most of the other school districts that surround Ridgewood, with it’s 30 and counting caseload continuing to cause much suffering to the affected families.
    I, like most would want to keep the schools open but it does not look too promising at this point.

  8. Man Up.
    Live your Life.
    Get Sick (or not)
    Get Well (or not)
    Just like everything else.
    Enough Already.

  9. Tracing was done on the infected individuals and determined there was no risk to the broader student body or administration that would require wholesale closures. When they did make a determination of potential elevated risk (i.e. for GW), they acted accordingly with a 2 week shut down. Seems like Dept. of Health is doing a damn fine job (as is Fishbein and the BOE), ensuring we are being safe and smart.

    BTW – all the other neighboring towns jumped off a bridge if your interested. If your not, you can also choose to stay home….

  10. Dont humans have immune systems anymore?

  11. Close all the schools for the entire year, or all the kids will die! At least, all the teachers will die (because they’re older!)! Or maybe their grandparents will all die!

    Now don’t argue about it, because it’s definitely worth all the long-term costs – loss of learning at a critical stage of life for school-age children, moderate to severly hampered social development, lack of physical and group activity, etc… even if it only saves one individual from getting the sniffles, or the flu, or COVID – it’s really worth it!

    Sure, it’s easy to let the nattering crowd, i.e.; the media, trigger your amadygla into reacting without conscious thought and close all the schools for “as long as it takes” to accomplish “whatever”. And sadly, you know that there’s not enough time in a day to even begin to make an effort to seek out an opposing opinion or two, much less seriously consider such blather. So just swallow whole cloth the opinions and edicts of those who, despite scientific evidence to the contrary, force irresponsible actions to rule the day.

    So just sit back and feast on the curated information that’s spoon-fed to you, that reinforces your opinion, allows you to sit comfprtably at home, smug in your righteousness, knowing that “they”, the others, are idiots, completely off course. Open the schools? Wrong! As usual…

    However, if you’ve read this far, you are a little more curious than most, waiting for the worm to turn. For you brave souls, let some serious writing by some not too-uninformed individuals enter your frontal lobes and they pray impart this information to an amygdala-ruled friend – who knows, a small, dim lightbulb in the back of their head may begin to flicker – reason may yet prevail in these mad days…

  12. CDC just came out saying all schools should remain open!

  13. CDC is a political organization and it seems rank and file bureaucrats are taking opposite position then their boss. Sad day for America indeed – we pay for these jokers.

  14. Through Christ, there is no fear in death.

    Christians are ripe for conversion right now to share the faith with those who fear.

    To TRULY believe that you will be in heaven if something goes wrong on the off chance you have it and die, removes any worry or anxiety with this.

    Life could move on happily with joy, that those who died are not truly lost but now with God, earnestly.

    Though, you may call me a mad man. I understand. To truly take this to heart is only possible with the Holy Spirit. Let it scandalize you, the Christian preaching how no one should be afraid of this plague and that it would be a joy to suffer and pass to be with God.

    Christ’s teachings are not of this world and shouldn’t conform with how the world is reacting with death.

    There is no fear in perfect love…

  15. I know should we believe , Who’s bullshitting us. Or is this a Make up disease. Meaning what is it man-made. What does it mean by terrorists. When will we ever know!

  16. Let’s see how much teachers are for virtual learning when tax payers finally decide to thin their ranks and begin laying them off. Fact is, you can make a presentation to 1 or 100 students. And, from what I have seen these teachers are mostly just phoning it in and doing the bare minimum.

    If this goes on long enough, you will see virtual, private learning come in to vogue, and some of it may very well be high quality and very affordable. Then administrators and teachers will be talking about how safe school is and the importance of in person learning.

  17. Thanks anonymous for pointing us to the Mass live link. For those that don’t know, Mass is recognized as having the best educational system in the USA. The link indicates that the CDC has WITHDRAWN its previously and Trump politically inspired guidance that the “schools should remain open” no matter what.
    So why do so many here still remain so entrenched that Ridgewood needs to keep our schools open when almost every other district within spitting and coughing distance of Cottage Street have been more concerned about the safety and health of all its children and staff. As someone has posted here, the virus is air born and there is no way to ascertain if it is in the air within our school buildings if someone unwittingly carries it into that school building.
    Logic and facts indicate that Ridgewood should shut the schools for a brief time. It seems this logic gets drowned out by many Ridgewood residents who post here that they are against teacher unions and all the other BS rational that the far right conjures up to justify one’s freedom to do what wants to by saying that traditional education should carry the day.
    Well a new day is coming and believe it or not, the youth in Ridgewood who when learning remotely( either fully remote or hybrid) are doing just fine, they are not contemplating suicide, and most of their parents are paying for additional on line enrichment from third parties because they have witnessed the decline in Ridgewood’s educational system during Fishbein’s tenure as all the year over year rankings clearly indicate.
    I wonder if a new Ridgewood school superintendent, if hired tomorrow, would continue this absurd policy of putting all at a safety risk by not temporarily closing the schools and going remote. The interim superintendent Gorman( from the high school ) should see the writing on the wall as a great majority of RHS parents already are pulling their kids out of that highly invested school building.
    So Fishbein etc, this is much more than just GWM as most families have children in more than one Ridgewood school and it is implausible to say that 30 positive cases are in no way connected since even with contract tracing (assuming the truth is told in an interview ) there is no accurate way to know unless all Ridgewood students get a virus test which as of today, no one does.

  18. Wow. Amazing how people who live in the same state, town, neighborhood–even street–even household–can have diametrically opposed views. I think the question we should all be asking ourselves is why? Some will say it’s always been thus. Some will say it’s because our president has been divisive. Some will say it’s because God wanted it this way. Some will say it’s the Devil. Some will say it’s Darwin’s fault. Whatever. Believe what you want. But do it with respect for other people’s beliefs.

  19. With the release of the BOE’s most recent Nov 20th letter to parents, the number of positive Covid cases now totals 33 individuals and students that are assigned to one or more of Ridgewood’s public schools . This fact might appear to be non trivial to some but in fact it is a very troublesome sign to a growing number of Ridgewood parents!!!!

  20. To those who put complete faith in the Village of Ridgewood’s Health contract tracer to accurately assess the who what and where of the known positive Covid cases associated with Ridgewood’s public schools, please see the enclosed article from the Murphy administration issued today

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