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Reader says , “last thing taxpayers can afford is subsidize 20th century style “public servants.” Especially those who teach their children how to hate their own family and nation”

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“Public unions gotta go. Unionizing against the public is a travesty. Ppl turned a blind eye while good times rolled, but we’re in a right spot now. And the decade of transformation has just started!

Expect fewer white collar jobs, normalization if demand for IT specialists and entertainers, high inflation and much higher taxes on top earners as well as property owners.

Covid merely accelerated the existing trend. With these issues, last thing taxpayers can afford is subsidize 20th century style “public servants.” Especially those who teach their children how to hate their own family and nation.”

14 thoughts on “Reader says , “last thing taxpayers can afford is subsidize 20th century style “public servants.” Especially those who teach their children how to hate their own family and nation”

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  2. As much as I’d like to agree in that public unions have go to go, this is not what drives these young adults to believe in these Utopian agendas. Parents have some sway in forming their children’s mindsets, but they get the vast majority of it from peers, especially in the age of digital media and communications. Many of us older dudes went through those youth days of having Che posters on our walls and thinking our parents generation were idiots. Fortunately the vast majority of us grew out of it as we eased into real life. Nowadays, there is incredible linkage in bringing all these people together where they live in these online reality bubbles where dissenting opinions are blocked. Now add to that, a whole new breed of politicians and news media like we’ve never had before. These people are heavily promoting socialism/communism, which is giving these young people the true belief that they need. Unfortunately, the Democrat-voting parents of these young people do cheer them on, not realizing that the Democrats that they have always believed in are being slowly pushed aside and replaced with a version that not even their European counterparts follow. I am afraid that we are in deep doo-doo my friends, as this new brand of socialism is building and we are going to lose the America that we knew.

  3. Police, Fire and Teacher unions drive utopian agendas?

  4. RHS doesn’t inculcate our kids with bad ideas.

    My kid picked it up at college.

    Deprogramming starts with the first car loan or, god forbid, a mortgage.

  5. It is not clear what the “Reader” is trying to say and why it is being promoted. Who should fund “public servants” if not taxpayers? What are the characteristics of “20th century-style” public servants? I guess the point is that public servants should not be unionized because they serve the public.

    This is a fair argument, but to draw a parallel to private unions, think of these particular public servants (firefighters, police, teachers, public works employees, etc.) as the blue-collar workers of the private sector. These employees are routinely exploited by the people in power (business owners in the private sector for capitalist reasons, and politicians (mayors, local legislators, etc.) in the public sector for power-grabbing reasons). I am sure you will happily re-direct those taxpayer funds to governmental oversight boards and the like to give voice to these public servants in the face of exploitation by their own government. Oh shoot – that would mean “more government” — my oh my what is a conservative person to do in such a predicament?

    In short, though, the conclusion of this article seems to be “defund the police”, which is a truly amazing self-own for this particular site.

  6. Bingo…check out some of your kid’s teachers on Facebook (the ones that didn’t go dark out of fear). The socialist bilge is all over the place. The REA site has more to do with enriching its members and indoctrinating students as useful tools in their proxy war. $hitty teachers, your time is nearly up. One more school year of ‘covid classrooms’ may push you out forever.

  7. Technology and social media are destroying people’s logic, independent thinking and soul. Many fragile minds are being manipulated or forced to subscribe and become part of en extreme ideological narrative with an enormous amount of hate for anyone who goes against them. Money is heavily concentrated in the hands of huge technology companies which are fully invested into the left wing agenda and are suffocating the opposition point of view. Law and order is in an unprecedented chaos and nobody is doing anything about it. Right wing supporters are dwindling and ageing fast. The day of a unilateral party in the US is not too far away. George Orwell has described this new reality with an amazing accuracy. No hope.

  8. I hope we don’t have to look at belly boy too much more.
    Can’t we find another picture?

    Same thing for the tree amigos picture.
    You know, the one with Al licking his lips at Gwen.
    Boy was that misdirection.

  9. Do not all public unions are bad. Just teachers?

  10. I was never stupid enought to have a Che poster on my wall (or wear a Che t-shirt)…

  11. If the BOE wants to be taken seriously (including those at the top with very obvious and unethical conflicts of interest, who shall not be named), they should remain keenly focused on what an overwhelming majority of parents want for their kids, which is more in-person learning…5 days a week. The taxpayers already pay way to much for the school budget, and while we may tolerate some non-sense and waste in the spirit of town civility, the one thing that will most certainly cause residents to “storm the castle” is if we are forced to spend our hard earned dollars to incentivize lazy and ineffective teachers, who are using COVID as a tool for their personal agenda. Every profession is exposed to the risks of COVID, so why should they be preferentially treated at our expense? Either opt out if you are truly scared, or just follow the damn protocols…

  12. The BOE doesn’t care if its “taken seriously”.
    It does what it wants regardless of what anyone thinks of it.

    … of course, this is because we allow it via apathy.

  13. My God belly boy. So fierce! He (They/Them?) is so on point! Anyone know that kid? It looks like he is about to count back from 3 and start a group Beyonce dance. Glad things didn’t get violent and force him to twerk.
    Stop eating soy and please teach your sons better.

  14. If I tried to put up a Che poster my dad would have changed the locks.

    Besides I needed the wall space for my Farah Fawcett poster.

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