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Reader says Paul Vagianos (HE) Feels “HE” is above the LAW


Paul Vagianos (D) A Democrat running mate for State Assemble in the 40th District that’s who Paul is refereed to in the article….

Paul Vagianos
So this is the type of candidate that wants to run local Government, A individual who can not follow Building dept, Codes, Village Zoning/Planing Codes, Village Ordinances and State laws of set back. HE Feels “HE” is above the LAW.
This is Who has a Mayor and Counsel scared of him! Because of POWER! What about the residence and other Proprietors that are in the Village, they have to follow Zoning/Planing and local building codes! State and county ordinances and set back laws.
I just spoke with the Building inspector Carlos this morning and he stated there was never a permit issued for this wall or nor was there ever any inspections and refereed me to the Zoning/Planing office. I spoke to a nice women who answered the phone, I had asked for the Zoning officer but she stated she could help me she was very knowledgeable about the whole chain of events of this wall. It was a wood wall prior and they removed the wood and built what is there today not sure as to the date, No prior approvals and the Owner was sued by the Village of Ridgewood. They eventually applied to the Planing/Zoning board and was passed by the board (quote from Women in Planing/Zoning dept., I don’t quite know how that was approved).
So there have never been any required permits or inspections and they were never asked to remove the wall. Why is this!
If someone were to be hurt by the wall coming down or a car were to hit it I SEE A MAJOR LAWSUIT HERE, an unsafe non permitted structure!

You be the JUDGE……I see unfair politics at its worst,,,,people afraid of people with power.

7 thoughts on “Reader says Paul Vagianos (HE) Feels “HE” is above the LAW

  1. He’s not getting my vote. I guess it helps to have friends in low places.

  2. Hey Paul I know you’re reading this tear down the damn wall in front of your restaurant.

  3. Having the wall there also guarantees him parking right in front of his edifice. There is no reason that it should be a “non-parking spot”–no where else has that much corner space taken away–except for Paul’s convenience.

  4. Since when does Paul Vigiano’s have any power?
    This guy is a schmuck of epic perportion.
    As self -aggrandizing creep who’s a legend in his own mind.
    Another defeat is right around the corner.

  5. Someone got paid off, somehow someway. PS did you have a clean up your basement

  6. The wall is a stalking horse for so many other more important issues.Some delivery truck is going to back up into that mess and take care of this hazard.

  7. Not again

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