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Reader suggest “Civility ” meeting was violation of NJ Open Public Meetings Act


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Reader suggest “Civility ” meeting was violation of NJ Open Public Meetings

Wait just a Ridgewood minute – Mayor Paul Aronsohn, Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli, and Councilwoman Gwenn Hauck all participated in this meeting. Isn’t that considered a quorum in terms of the Village Council? If so, why wasn’t this billed as an offical meeting of the Council, with minutes taken and legal notice given? A violation of the NJ Open Public Meetings Act or not? Matt Rogers where are you?

Ms Hauck has been counted before even when she was not present  . It is my understanding that there were two member of the council  hosting the meeting on civility last Monday. What is confusing is that the Deputy Mayor was in the audience and even took part in the conversation so I been told. If true does this now become a official public meeting  which should have been post in a timely manner ( not on Friday for a Mondaymeeting? ) Where there minuets taken and will they be available?  Can someone shed some light on this. Did the Deputy Mayor speak ?

But the Deputy Mayor only introduced himself  we are told , but its the spirit of the law that is still of concern?

Of course Mr. Pucciarelli was there, he is attached by a firm cable to Mr. Arohsohn Mr Arohsohn should keep his ATTACK DOG on a shorter leash. So was not the purpose of the Deputy Mayors presence to quell dissent , and intimidate people ?

The Deputy Mayor cannot for one moment pretend ignorance of the Sunshine Law. His adherence to the law was called into question early in his term – this gave him plenty of time to learn the law that he had been accused of breaking. The Village Attorney looked into the matter and decided that the DM had not violated the law at that time. Regardless, Mr. Pucciarelli knew full well that he should not speak last Monday night, but……………surprise surprise………….he spoke! Presto, the law was broken.


11 thoughts on “Reader suggest “Civility ” meeting was violation of NJ Open Public Meetings Act

  1. REad the Ridgewood News. The Deputy Mayor did not simply introduce himself. He offered his views on public discourse and civility. That is way more than just identifying his name and title.

  2. Since the moderator asked everyone to introduce him/herself and make a statement, the proper thing to say, at the most, would have gone something like this: “I’m Albert Pucciarelli, a member of the Village Council. The Village attorney has instructed me not to speak at this meeting because that would constitute a majority of our five council members, which under the Sunshine Law is not allowed except at meetings that are made public in a number of predetermined ways that were not followed for this meeting. Thank you for letting me audit it.” Or he could have said, “Pass.” But not Al. As a result, he has opened the Village to a clear violation of OPMA.

  3. why is this guy the deputy dog. he don’t need this shit.

  4. Because he is a Narcissi #3 He like the power.

  5. please, then he needs to get a life.

  6. Stop with the Sunshine Law talk.
    No official action was discussed or taken.
    Get back to complaining about everything else.
    (I am no fan of the three amigos)

  7. They were advised that a third could not speak up, yet he did it anyway. Yes, #6, this is a violation of the Sunshine Law. And who do you think did it? The same person who has been brought under question time and time again. He really does think he is above the law. He really scoffs at the law. Very inappropriate for an elected official, dontcha think????

  8. How do you know? With all the controversy going on about this Council don’t you think it would have been prudent for Puch not to be there. You know for appearance.

  9. Yes, #8, I agree. There is so much controversy going on, why wouldn’t our Mayor tell his Deputy Mayor to stay away. You know, if you have been accused of wrongdoing, the prudent path to take is to behave scrupulously, not recklessly.

    But we are all well aware that the Deputy Mayor does not give a sh*t what anyone who disagrees with him thinks, he absolutely does not take advice, he has no respect for the Sunshine Law, and he will continue to plow forward like a bulldozer with an unconscious driver whose foot is jammed on the gas pedal.

    What he does reflects badly on him, but also on the entire council and on the entire Village.

  10. Agree this might not have been a violation of the sunshine act, but also have not doubt that if one of the two other council members had been there and said something adverse to Valley or the developers who appear to own the village now, there would have been an immediate banging of gavels to silence them.

  11. You got that right #10

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