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Reader suggests there is Progressive Voter Dog Whistle

dog whistle

Reader asks , ‘How could Alexandra Harwin possibly have any approach? She has absolutely no idea what is going on in town. She never, repeat NEVER, attends any meetings?

Reader answers ,” No specifics are necessary in a campaign if you blow all of the right dogwhistles. Progressive voters respond solely to emotional appeals so no true logic is necessary.She has a large email mailing list. Wait and watch her magic with it.”

4 thoughts on “Reader suggests there is Progressive Voter Dog Whistle

  1. That email list needs not to have been cobbled together from lists for any other purpose and now used for political purposes.

  2. 12:43 hate to break this to you: will give you 2,000 email addresses for zip code 07450 and that’s just the very first place I clicked. Unless you’re regularly rolling your email address chances are an aggregator has it and is selling it.

  3. Maybe she went to more schools and collected addresses from minors like she did in a club at RHS. Took addresses from kids under 18

  4. Rainbow flag, gun control, abortions, racism, anti-semitism.
    There – mention those magic words and thats 60% of the votes in Ridgewood (if you manage to turn them out).

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