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Reader takes Dim View on “Remote Learning”


“Here’s the feedback.

– Spoiled ineffective RW parents can’t manage their privileged selfish children.

– Spineless RW school system won’t implement (let alone enforce) any mandatory structure nor enforce any substantive academic standards.

– Teachers whine about how hard they are working and what challenges they are overcoming

– NJEA/NEA are conflicted over whether it is more beneficial to the teachers (I mean students, wink, wink), to push for reopening schools in September or to push to keep schools closed in September.

– RW parents post teacher support signs on their lawns and publically espouse what heroes the teachers are while privately complaining about how the teachers are failing to address their kids needs (while never making sure their child attends virtual class or does his homework).”

8 thoughts on “Reader takes Dim View on “Remote Learning”

  1. Bingo! Well said. Especially the hypocrisy about the lawns signs for teachers. How about teachers talking about how hard they’re working remotely? They have a job to do and they’re doing nothing more than that. Just like myself working from home 24 hrs a day. They are no heroes. Except for those who risk their lives nobody else is a hero.
    I do not agree on the point of spoiled parents not being able to manage their kids. I am not spoiled and have a hard time managing my 1st grader while my wife also works. Managing a kid with remote schooling is same as being a teacher but without the time in hand.

  2. RW parents are doing a wonderful job juggling homeschooling and jobs. This troll should pull his/her head out of his/her ass and lend a hand to his/her neighbors with children instead of acting like an overgrown bully. Why do you post this crap, Ridgewood Blog?

  3. My kid’s in elementary school and it’s become a full time job for me and my wife to make sure she attends virtual classes, does homework, and generally stays focused. Under normal circumstances our efforts would be 70% less because teachers take care of that for half a day.

    I have to commend the staff for doing great given circumstances. They’ve quickly adapted a virtual program. Virtual meetings, contests, etc were added on short notice. Well done.

    Problem is, virtual learning is a bandaid. It’s unsustainable beyond a few months. If the board or our idiotic state managers decide to keep the school closed or operating at some face mask half capacity, it would become a serious enough issue for me to look for a more responsible town to live in.

    After all my company already figured out that I can do my job remotely. Very little keeping me in a soon to be bankrupt state.

  4. Crap keeps the blog going. Nice to see the dark underbelly of the quaint village.

  5. Welcome to the New World. Do you know the Board of Education is coming up with some kind of new soup. Meaning ideas to save money you know.

  6. “… lend a hand to his/her neighbors with children….”
    (who can’t handle the parenting responsibilities themselves)
    You are proving the OPs point…

  7. It’s hard to support teachers who have been dragging their asses forever, and complaining about it every step of the way. The reputations of truly great teachers are being sullied by the whiny union stooges at the REA who are a step away from totally useless. IF Coronavirus is teaching us anything, it’s that the status quo is crumbling and that means education too. Jennie Wilson is a nice person but terribly misguided if she and her other signatories of the letter to the VC think the residents have a money printing press. We have all been affected by this pandemic and a strong BoE is needed to keep the whims of the superintendent at bay, and do what’s right for the residents.

  8. What about the ‘out of control’ spending by the Village Council with their 2.2% municipal tax increase (vs. 2% for the BOE) and even bigger budget increase including bond sales and RIDGEWOOD Water? Both the BOE and the Village need to do better with less. If the Village budget was up for a vote, it would have been voted down as well. Stop spending like drunken sailors!

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