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Reader Takes Issue With the Lifestyle of the Ridgewood Board of Education President

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, reader takes issues with the lifestyle of the Ridgewood Board of Education President.

Reader says :

There is a current court order preventing Mike Lembos girlfriend from being around his kids that he has violated for almost 2 years and refuses to follow. The fact that Lembo and his mistress, Laura Van Zile ( LVZ ), violate this CO shows how unstable they are and how they can’t be trusted to ensure safety for kids! 

This is what originally motivated Mr. Lembo to get his mistress a job subbing in Ridgewood Public schools so she could be exposed to his kids in a round about way.  Laura Van Zile ( LVZ ) would purposely sub ONLY at the kids elementary school so she could interact with them.  Once the school became aware of the CO she was forbidden to work there. Hence he got her the job at the Board of Ed secretary next. Lembo is an abuser and that is why he was removed from his home and put on desk duty for over a year. He started living with his girlfriend once he was removed from his Ridgewood home. He originally moved in with his mistress in Westwood (where she lived) but then they moved to Ridgewood and he currently lives in Somerville district with his mistress so he can be apart of dads night despite not having kids in Somerville or Hawse! Laura Van Zile ( LVZ ) and him have been living together for almost 2 years despite him being married and they have been having an affair for almost 3 years. He tells everyone he’s divorced…far from the truth.  So jobs Lembo gets Laura Van Zile ( LVZ ) and the income he sets for Laura Van Zile ( LVZ ) as BOE President directly benefits Lembo and “his household” which is highly unethical and against board policy. 

Many blog readers  have a huge issue with an officer of the law that is suppose to enforce court orders to protect the public, blatantly violates his personal CO daily as well as breaks laws often because he thinks he’s above the law. Then using his role as BOE President to employ his mistress to violate a CO. I don’t understand how he is still employed as an officer in this town. The community has a huge issue with a Board of Ed President abusing his role and hiring his mistress for personal gain, if only they knew how he abuses being an officer and we as a village are paying taxes for this mans salary! He’s a disgrace. This man doesn’t protect his own children or family so why should we trust him with the villagers children? This is why he was voted out. “Clean campaign” is not trotting around town with his mistress and being a drunken mess. Fyi He was put on a work leave and was only allowed desk duty for over a year and wasn’t allowed to carry a gun for longer due to his abuse and substance use! He is mentally unstable and is constantly self medicating with alcohol. He’s constantly seen drinking and intoxicated, yet hes not allowed to drink. He is a Travell dad (whos kids go to Travell) and has no business being in dads night at Somerville but again no rules apply to this clown.

23 thoughts on “Reader Takes Issue With the Lifestyle of the Ridgewood Board of Education President

  1. Lembo seems like a total dbag to me. With that said, has any of the above been corroborated? This seems pretty darn nasty.

  2. Oh. My. God.

  3. Holy shit!

  4. Awfully touchy-feely with his daughter it looks like.

  5. This is too much personal information. I hope this has been verified before posting, as in official documents, he has listed his status as divorced.
    If he has substance abuse issues, how is he permitted to carry a gun?

  6. Well Mikie boy, this is eye opening. Quite the resume you have going.

  7. If you know, you know

  8. This is a lot to process. But the claims involve official paperwork — eg court orders, divorce proceedings — which can be verified.

  9. THIS shows exactly how low the blog and anyone who reads it is. This “reader” clearly has an agenda and this mud has no place anywhere, let alone posted to an anonymous blog? James thinks he is some sort of credible news source? Ha not a chance. I hope this blogs shut down because of this. This is clearly made up BS with not a shred of truth to it. I have heard nothing, but nothing but amazing things about these two except here. Jealous much? There is nothing but slander here, no real evidence. None. This crap was probably something made up if he won, but now since he is no longer the punching bag what to do? You people clearly are obsessed with these two and need to get lives and move on. Seriously, what is the endgame with continuingly to stick your nose in these twos lives? You are all pathetic and hide behind the curtain because you are lonely losers. None of you have decency and clearly do not care about children, community, or truth.

    1. maybe his wife or x wife wrote it

    2. This is clearly written by the girlfriend. Laura you gave us all a big sample of your writing style and language choices with your blow out post last week. Yeah you deleted it but not before we all screen shot it. No one is jealous of you two. No one. Believe me.

      1. nice try Saurabh

        1. You clearly don’t know Saurabh Dani if you would think he wrote this. It is so far from anything Saurabh would do. But it is ALL TRUE.

      2. Anyone have the screenshots? I would love to see what she wrote.

    3. and yet you are reading it.

      1. And you are too

    4. How low can they go?

  10. We all care about the truth. Apart from the tone, what about this sounds fabricated? Answer: none

  11. Gossip rag

  12. Can we all post rumors about people that we don’t like?

    Fun way to get back at those we don’t like.

  13. This is 100% truth. You can choose to believe otherwise. But you would be wrong. Lembo and his gal pal are guilty as charged. So glad he lost.

    1. And you are??? Tell us how you know.

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